Day Six-ish: So Much For That…

For someone trying to reach 75k in a month, I seem to be doing pretty well, word-wise.  I’ve got just over sixteen thousand words, and it’s only day six.  I’m not really sure how far ahead I am, but I am at least a little bit.

Unfortunately, story-wise… I’m not doing so well.  Essentially, I’m trying to write a prequel to one of my earlier novels, because I realized that a few of my characters have some pretty important things happen in their childhood that I can’t seem to tell well enough when it’s just backstory.  But that means this book spans about five or six years, in total, and I keep rushing through it.  Fifteen thousand words, and I’ve already gone through three years of three characters’ lives.

Whoa, wait a minute.  If I keep up at this rate, I’ll be finished at 30k.  That’s…not even a novel, let alone my 75k goal.  See, November is National Novel Writing Month, which kind of means that my 75k goal isn’t just to write that many words in a month, it’s to write that many words in one novel in a month.

So I’m stuck.  I realize that I’m kind of summarizing instead of writing.  I tell the basics and move on and I really need to get into the nitty-gritty details.  Otherwise, it’s too short and it’s probably not much fun to read, either.  Problem is, for whatever reason, I’m really having trouble doing that.  I guess maybe it’s just that whenever I think about this story, I always see it the way it was as a backstory—with only the important details and nothing else.  So I’m really having trouble writing it.

It’s frustrating.  Really, really frustrating and I wish I could figure out how to get past it.  At the moment, I’m trying with just brute force, and that’s not working the greatest, but, hey, it’s NaNo.  Who cares if I write with grace?  That’s for December.



6 thoughts on “Day Six-ish: So Much For That…

  1. Kate is

    No grace required for NaNo. Not at all. Perhaps if you get the basics down and you get to the end, your ideas will come on where to fill. I always hope 🙂

  2. warriorofaror

    I didn’t recognize who was posting on my blog for a while. Thanks for taking a look at it, Shimmer! 🙂 And this is Riter, in case you were wondering. I have a lot of online aliases . . .

    Hm. That is a predicament. I’ve always had the problem of writing too little over too much. I suppose beefing it up is what revision is for, though.
    Still, I might suggest you could do any one or all of these things.
    Adding more internal monologue. What’s your character thinking? This helps a lot when you’re trying to slow things down, although it’s a killer if you’re trying to speed things up.
    Add some difficulties. Difficulties and setbacks. Whatever your character is trying to achieve should be just out of reach, and so, when he first tries, he should fail. Summarizing a crushing defeat is hard, so long as you care about the character. At least for me it is. 😛
    Finally . . . if you really need to slow things down, at in a lot of subplots.

    I could go more in depth with any one (or more) of these things, but I’ll end it here. 😉
    Characterization can take a while and slow things down, too.
    Also, I just want to say, your word count is impressive. Good work! 🙂

    1. Oh, no problem! Sorry, I probably should have introduced myself, shouldn’t I? 😀

      Thanks for the tips! Character monologue is mostly what I’ve been doing so far to add to it, but I think I shall definitely try adding in some difficulties. That’s a great idea. Subplots sound good, too…

      Anyway, thanks a lot, Riter! 😀

  3. I think I’ve done about 5k since the month started, though tbh I’m not properly attempting NaNo this year. 16k in six days really is a cracking achievement, so congrats to you :D.

    Summarising on a first draft is fine in my view; if you end up finishing early as a result, then you could always bend the rules of NaNo and start redrafting before the month is over.

    Also, I second warriorofarlor: adding difficulties is almost always a good idea. So if you can think of additional setbacks to include, then go ahead and include them 🙂

    1. Thanks.

      Yeah, I’m going to try to add some setbacks and difficulties and stuff. It’s working so far, thankfully. 😀

      I’ve got the feeling I’m going to end up breaking—or at least bending—the rules of NaNo anyway. Oh well.

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