Writing Needs Motivation, Part Two

When I want to be, I can be a very stubborn person.  I’ll admit, when I don’t want to be, I can give into things far too easily, but that’s beside the point.  When I’ve really put myself into something, I’m not going to just go and give up.

So, as you can probably guess, I’ve still been trying to write.  I did some brainstorming with a friend of mine, fixed about half a dozen plot holes, and I started to feel confident again.  I wrote an outline for my story, and although it’s not as good as the outline that I wrote for NaNoWriMo (which is kind of ironic, considering that most of what’s written during that is…not very good at all), I think it’s not too bad.  Of course, when I started writing it, I was immediately unhappy with it.  Nothing came out how I wanted, even remotely.  It didn’t even sound how I wanted it to.

It didn’t occur to me what the problem was, however, until earlier this evening.  After deciding to take a bit of a break, I decided to rewrite a scene that I’d written a few weeks ago, and immediately, it came out disastrous.  Frankly, I’m not even sure what went wrong—probably a mixture of things, really.  So, I decided to go read one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors, Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan, but it only seemed to make my own writing seem worse.  I think I write too wordy, with long sentences, but it throws my flow off, and even with all of the words, I lack description.  Oh boy, description is definitely one of my weakest points.

As I realized that, my first thought was, Well, there goes my chance of trying to go somewhere with my writing anytime soon.  Then, I realized something else.  I want to publish one day.  I’m not trying to, say, get on the Bestselling list (though that would be awesome), because I doubt that would ever happen, but I would like to share my stories with the rest of the world one day.  But, of course, if that’s why I keep writing, then am I ever going to get anywhere?  Probably not.

Frankly, it embarrasses me that this has become what’s making me keep writing, so, I’m going to change it.  I am writing for me, nobody else.  I have a story to tell (or three), and I’m going to tell it, whether it takes me three months, or fifteen years to do so.  I’m only a teen, right?  I have my whole life ahead of me, and I sure don’t need to rush anything.  In this case, quality over quantity.

So, I’m going to take about a week break from writing, to separate myself from my stories and all of the frustration that I’ve been facing with them.  I’m not sure if taking a break from writing entirely is a good idea, but I’m not sure it’ll really hurt anything.  And, considering the fact that half the family (including myself, possibly) are fighting off the flu, I’m not sure I’ll be able to write much this week.  Plus, I think I might try to be more analytical in my reading, and try to pick up some tricks and things (which, admittedly, probably means that I shouldn’t keep reading an average of three or four books a week).


14 thoughts on “Writing Needs Motivation, Part Two

  1. Yeah, I find taking break helpful… at times. Sometimes… let’s just say my breaks go from a week to a month, to. Uh. Yeah. All things aside, I love The Ruins of Gorlan, and the rest of the Ranger’s Apprentice Series (well I’ve only read about four, but still). Um. Well. Whenever I’ve tried writing, I always end up going on the forums or reading. I just. I. Well, no me ranting is not going to help your case in anyway, but I wish you luck in finding back Ms. Motivation who seems to have gone on holiday for us all.

    1. Yeah, that could definitely be troublesome. I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem, because, honestly, writing is the only thing I know to do that I can do for hours on end. So if I’m not writing, then I don’t know what to do…productive or otherwise. *coughcough* So, today I just played games all afternoon. *cough*

      Really? I’ve read all twelve books, and they’re awesome. The first and the tenth are my favorite.

      Yeah, I had that problem…. Actually, that’s probably part of the reason my parents banned me from the NaNo forums; I was always procrastinating instead of doing important things… Oops. I think I have less distractions now—or, well, less external distractions, but I still can’t concentrate much.

      I hope so…. It’s certainly been a loooong holiday!

      1. Yeah. I haven’t done anything productive in days.
        Yup! It’s so weird, their so good, and no one seems knows about them. Well not many anyway. I’ve got like the rest of the series reserved from my library.

        I’ve never been able to concentrate. *cough* And… my parents are close to banning me as well. *sighs*


        1. Exactly…

          I know, right? I read them all from the library, but now my brother and I are trying to get the whole series so we can put it on our bookshelf. So far, we got the first four books for Christmas, which has prompted us to start re-reading them…

          *winces* For whatever reason, I’ve noticed, when I really can’t concentrate, but I’m really trying to do something, I bite my knuckle. I know, it’s kind of weird that I’d do something that hurts, but… *shrugs* I honestly don’t know if it works, though, because I usually only notice when I see the teethmarks in my finger. Oops.

          Maybe she got lost? Hmm. We should start a search party, looking for Ms. Motivation and Ms. Concentation, I think… While we’re at it, we can also probably look for a LOT of other things…

        2. *snods* I hardly own any books, and everyone’s like how can you be a so called bookworm if you don’t? Answer: Uh, library.

          Aw, that’s not good.

          We should. Yes. And at the same time take Mr Evil Writers Block with us, and see if we can plonk him somewhere. Even if it’s only temporary. And Miss Editors Block. Yes.

        3. Huh. The only problem with my library is that it’s kind of tiny, so there’s so many things that….aren’t even there. One time, I checked out the first book for something, then went to find the sequel, and it wasn’t there. But, get this, the THIRD book was there.

        4. What. I know, my library’s pretty small as well, and you can never finish a series. And I need to wait for ages to get a book I want. Not a lot of books- quite a lot of people.

        5. Oh boy, I can certainly see how that’s a problem. My library is a bit of an independent one, so this morning, my mom decided I could get a library card for one of the other libraries, so I could a bigger selection—granted, I’ll probably only be getting e-books and such, but, still, it sounds so much better.

        6. My library’s like connected through the whole city, and I go to a certain branch most the time, and while this can be good… you also have to wait a long time cause the system’s like all connected.

  2. A break sounds like a very good idea; for that matter, it might be worth taking that break for longer than a week. You sound kinda…well, stressed from your last two posts, and that ain’t going to help in overcoming a block.

    Have you tried writing short stories? I’ve read before that trying to cpmplete a series of short projects is a good way to recover from a motivation slump. I didn’t work for me – I wrote one terrible short and then just went back to my big WIP – but maybe you’d have better luck.

    1. Yeah, actually, I’m wondering the same thing. A week might help, but something longer will probably be better.

      I have… a few times. I’ve always had trouble really getting into a short story, so I’ve written a few mediocre flash fiction stories, and that’s about it. I think it might be more of a mental issue than a real issue, though, so I suppose I should try again.

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