February’s Resolutions (Or Something)

I meant to do something like this last month, and then… I guess I forgot about it.  Thankfully, Erin reminded me.  So, instead of having some New Years Resolutions at the beginning of the year, which probably won’t be fulfilled—and, over the course of the year, might even be changed—it makes more sense to do it month by month.

As I said, I forgot to do it last month, but…. I did accomplish a few things last month.  I think I’ve written roughly 15-20k, in various stories, which I’m happy with.  Not as much as I’d like, but, hey.  After all of the stress I had at the beginning of the month, it’s actually pretty good.  I’m learning German, and though I can barely pronounce any of it, I think that’s going okay; my mom got me onto Pinterest, so I’ve wasted quite a few hours looking at mostly fandom-related things (Doctor Who and Sherlock related, mostly);I’ve watched the newest three BBC Sherlock episodes (and it’s annoying me that I don’t know anyone to fangirl at, aside from my mom, which seems kind of awkward); and… oh, and my baby brother appears to now be calling me Cookie (before, it was Nanny, for whatever reason… I have no n‘s in my name).

Aside from that, January has been pretty uneventful.  Unless I forgot some stuff, which wouldn’t surprise me.

Anyway.  February.  For the moment, I want to start off with something simple.

  • Write another 15k.  Hopefully, I can write some short stories or something, too, but for the moment, I don’t care what I write, as long as I do it.
  • Draw more.  I doubt I’m going to be able to draw something as awesome as Erin’s lion, but the last time I had inspiration to draw something was….. November?  No, sorry, it was December.  Right after Christmas.  No wonder I don’t seem to be improving…
  • Do the exercises that my therapist told me would help with my back, and do it more often then just when my shoulder’s killing me.
  • Stay off the computer and Internet a little bit more.  If it’s possible.

And that’s about it.  Shouldn’t be too hard, should it?


37 thoughts on “February’s Resolutions (Or Something)

  1. Hope you’ll be able to finish at least one of these tasks, yeah? If it’s annoying you too much…
    Fangirl at me. FANGIRL AT ME!
    Inspiration strikes.
    I’m sorry; I’m not very focused, but I wish you the best of luck! (What’s the best of luck in other languages?)

  2. I wish you the best of luck! Although the last one is extremely hard… even harder than writing more.. I think. I have failed all of my January resolutions… I gave up listing February’s. >-> But anyway… 15k is impressive Shim! And your masterpiece could as well be what you’re drawing for me, I mean for all I know all your art looks fantastic. And you learn German! That’s awesome! I’ve been meaning to start, after I learnt a little bit of Spanish and got kind of bored.. I thought I may as well try something different, and go back to Spanish some other time. 😀

    1. Thanks! Yeah, hehe, the last one is definitely pretty hard…… But I can at least try, no?
      Thanks! Actually, I just wrote about 2k in roughly 2 hours, which I’m really happy with. I haven’t written that much in one day in ages, and right now, I don’t even care if I made 15k by the end of the month, because I made 2k in one day! I’m sure I won’t feel that way later, but….eh.
      Hehe, maybe…. Honestly, I’m still not completely sure what to do for your drawing. Are you sure there isn’t anything specific you want? If you do, that could probably help me out a lot.
      Yup, I have German heritage, so my mom wanted me and my siblings to learn the language. It’s actually pretty fun so far, even if I was doubtful in the beginning. I’m doing it free on this website called Duolingo, I think…. Something like that.

      1. Yup, and I shall have to try again as well. Otherwise I’d get banned all together, and uh, let’s try not to make that happen. 😀
        Wow, that is good. I’ve been getting a motivation boost, so we’ll see if I can write anything…
        Hm, well… Say if you did Ryx with her back towards us, and maybe sitting down or something? Does that help? I dunno…
        Ah that’s cool. I’ll have to go check that website out. 😀

        1. Oof, that would not be good. Definitely not.
          Write! 😀
          Okay, that should work. What kind of clothes does she wear, though? Also, I remember that you said her hair was brown, but I can’t remember…. did you say how long/short it was? That’s probably something important, hehe.
          Alright! 😀

        2. If you aren’t sure, I can just draw her hair/clothes the way I draw most of the rest of my other characters (which means the hair will be long and wavy, because I love drawing hair like that….or maybe in a braid). If you like. 🙂

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