Day…Eight? Or Nine? Or Something?

I can’t even remember what day it is anymore.  Or even the date.  It’s the fifth, right?  Or the fourth?  Gosh.  I’m scatterbrained lately.

Anyway, onto some good news.  I actually wasn’t sick with strep throat, but just…an ordinary cold.  I think.  There’s a chance it was just allergies, but I’m not even sure anymore. Either way, it wasn’t pleasant, and I’m pretty much over it now.  There’s just a lingering cough now.  And, as you can tell by my bars on the right, I have actually been writing.

In fact, if you don’t count the days I didn’t write, my average per day is about 600.  Not terrific, but I’m really happy with it regardless.  And I’m actually succeeding with more or less staying on one project!  It’s exciting.

That’s about all for the writing.  I could go on and complain about all of the school and stress I’m dealing with, but I doubt anybody wants to hear about that.  Besides, if I think about it, I’m only going to work myself up again…I really just need to sit down and do something about it.  Actually, I’m considering trying to tackle school the same way I’m doing my writing.

How’s the writing for everyone else going?  Except for you, of course, Kiwi, since I know you’re working on Operation STOright?


8 thoughts on “Day…Eight? Or Nine? Or Something?

        1. I wrote exactly 2,010 words just today alone. And I’m going to try to go write more right now! *squees and bounces around in circles until she runs into the wall* *giggles and sits down*

          I have not written two thousand words on just one project in months. MONTHS. I can’t believe my little 600 words a day, even for just those few days, could help so much!

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