So.  For about a week or so, I’ve been trying to write a minimum of 500 words everyday on just one project.  I won’t say I wrote every day, but I did the best I could with a cold and school and life in general, and it finally paid off.  (Yes, I know, it’s only been a week.)  Yesterday, I wrote a total of 2214 words.  In one day.  On one project.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I haven’t written that much in one day on one project in months.  Sure, maybe I wrote a decent amount on the first day of NaNoWriMo, but that was way back in November.  And that’s, what, five months away?  Six?  Oh, gosh, that’s even further away than I’d thought…

Anyhow, I wrote a very nice amount yesterday, at least compared to my normal amounts, and I’m happy with it.

I haven’t written a single word yet today, though.  I was doing school all day… (Ha, Kiwi.  You aren’t the only one doing Operation S.T.O, apparently.)  The only reason I didn’t get really stressed out by all of that was actually from some really good advice.  (And if I didn’t say it before, thank you, Liam.  You just saved my life, almost.  Heh, it felt like it, at least, when I managed to not completely panic.)

Anyway, now I should probably go write.  And not steal my sister’s cookie dough before she bakes it…


26 thoughts on “Aaannnnddd…Results!

  1. Yay! I’m glad you wrote so many words! That’s quite an achievement. And I’m glad you got so much out of my post– I didn’t realize it would be so useful.

    Good post!

    1. Yes, it was a very nice achievement. 🙂

      Really? That post was brilliant. Hehe, and I think others agree with me, seeing some of the comments you have on there…

      Thank you! Can you tell that I’m sort of trying to be more interesting in my posts and comments?

      1. It’s a great feeling to write so many words, isn’t it? Especially after what feels like a slump.

        Why, thank you. I kind of noticed it had hit home with a lot of people, but I didn’t think it was that revolutionary. People just need to be reminded once in a while.

        Yes, I can, but it’s neither painfully obvious nor unwelcome. Interesting people are awesome, and you were already awesome, so you’re bound to be interesting.

        1. Yup. Especially when it’s this long of a slump.

          True. I guess it really hit home with me because I’ve just been so stressed out. I’m trying to do a lot of math because I want to get into physics, and I’m also hoping to try to take college courses in the spring….and even though I’m bringing all of this onto myself, it’s still stressful.

          I suppose so. Thank you.

        2. Indeed. I know the feeling.

          It’s just a stressful time of the school year for us. There’s no curing the things that cause the stress, but how we deal with it, yes.

          You’re welcome.

        3. Yeah…but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


          Apparently, no matter how hard I try to make myself sound more formal and/or interesting, it doesn’t ever stop the giggling…. >_<

        4. I do. Especially when I have nothing to say. I’d try to not do it, maybe, but then I don’t sound like myself as much, and that’s just strange. So I keep giggling.

        5. Hehe, good, because I often don’t make much sense. It’s strangely fun to confuse people. It’s like answering “not really” when someone asks “What’s up?”…I admit, I have yet to actually do that, but the idea makes me laugh every time. *innocent grin*

        6. I like that one, too. I usually just look up and report whatever I see above me…it’s usually something boring like “the ceiling”, but I’ve actually succeeded in amusing a few people with it…and annoying others. Hehe, oops.

  2. I hate to break up this fascinating conversation no, I don’t I just wanted to say, congratulations Ann! Great accomplishment. Imagine me holding your hands and jumping around together in a circle. 😉 Then going to eat ice cream because I am having serious withdraws. 😀


      1. You’re Welcome! 😀

        We have a gallon in the freezer. We made this stupid rule where no one can eat any unless everyone is together. My dad leaves at 4:00 AM and doesn’t get home till 6:00 PM. There is no chance I am getting ice cream unless I wake up at 3:00 AM and don’t go to bed until he is in the mood for it. He has a day off soon… I’m the first to get a bowl. 😛


        P.s. Thanks for commenting on my post. I don’t say that enough.

        1. 😀

          Really? That’s annoying. We eat ice-cream together, too, for the most part, but my dad doesn’t always count, because he has a similar thing as that… he leaves around 6:30 AM and doesn’t get home until 5:15 PM ish…. So it’s just my mom and siblings, and sometimes my mom doesn’t even want some.

          Oh, no problem! I like commenting on posts. 😀 Thank you for commenting on mine!

    1. Oh, hehe, that’s okay. I had a hard time getting a hand of HTML in the beginning, too. I can fix it for you. Where exactly did you want the strikethrough to end?

      Never mind, I figured it out. 🙂 You just forgot a “/”.

      1. Haha, thanks. I wanted it through the word “stupid”. I don’t see where you put it. We has to turn all of the computers off. We are now under a thunderstorm warning (a tornado is expected to land the next town over.) and my phone doesn’t allow me to see my own comments.

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