Er…Untitled Short Post of Mostly Nothing

Ooookkkaaayyyy…not really much to update, which is why I haven’t posted anything.  So far, everything’s going okay.  Not terrific, but not terrible.  I’m still managing to write every day, but I haven’t yet written quite as much as I did before.  Still just barely making my 500 words, but I’m happy with it.

I actually just glanced over at all of the little files and sections in my Scrivener window and just felt myself grinning.  There’s so many of those little icons with the words in them showing that I wrote something.  Okay, maybe there isn’t really a lot, but, gosh darn it, I have twenty-five thousand words.  How many people out of the billions of them on earth can write that much in one novel?

That number is probably bigger than I think it is, but I feel like celebrating anyway.  I should probably go do my writing for the day first, though.  So, yeah, here’s the end of this pathetically short, pathetic post.


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