Eleven Days!

Oh, the joys of having the emotions and hormones of a female teenager.  Ugh.  Anyway, sorry for my last post.  I guess I just needed to rant and…yeah.  I’m not sure if the issue is quite as bad as what I made it seem to be, but I do think there is some problem there.

But I’m not going to worry about it, because I don’t need to until I get to editing.  And I don’t need to edit until I have something to edit.  So I’m just going to continue with my original plan, of writing just 500 words everyday.

Which brings me to a cheerier note.  I’ve nearly made it two weeks of writing everyday!  Now, I think I’ve been trying to do this for about three weeks, but getting sick in the beginning kind of screwed that up a bit.  Nevertheless, I have, as of this very moment, eleven consecutive days.  And, I’m nearly to thirty thousand words in my novel!

I don’t know about you, but that’s exciting.


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