Books, Books, and More Books…Did I Mention Books?

My parents decided today we were going to go through our garage.  What does that mean?  It means my mom went through some of the many boxes of books in there.  And what does that mean?

Well, mostly that my to-read list just got…a whole lot bigger.  My mom found Ender’s Shadow and another book by Orson Scott Card in that series that I can’t remember the name of.  Those two are technically already on my t0-read list, though I’ll be honest and say I’m a little hesitant to read them, because Ender’s Game was just…well, if you’ve read it, you probably know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  It is definitely good.  (The movie wasn’t so much, though, so you can’t pull that on me, sorry.)

She also pulled out a bunch of books in the, what was it called, Swords of Shannara series.  She really wants me and my brother to read them, but…there’s so many!  It’s kinda overwhelming.  There were a few other things, as well, like another one I think is called Dragon Riders of Pern?  I’ve heard her and my cousin mention those a few times, but I really know nothing about them.

And all that is on top of the various other books I already have on my to-read list, like a lot of Brandon Sanderson’s books (*tries to ignore the Way of Kings book that seems to be staring at her from the bookshelf*), Lord of the Rings, which I probably should have read a long time ago, but for some reason have only really recently had any interest in, and a bunch of others.  There’s also the series from the library I’m trying to finish, two in particular, The Unwanteds (why, library, why do you not have book three?), and the Missing by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  I’m also currently in the middle of Dragonspell by Donita K. Paul.  And let’s not mention that I’m more or less rereading Ranger’s Apprentice, as well?

I definitely feel overwhelmed.  I’ve hardly had any time to read, with school and everything, so it feels crazy.  I know that’s not even all that’s on my list, either.

So…anybody have any suggestions on which I should read first?


24 thoughts on “Books, Books, and More Books…Did I Mention Books?

  1. Dragonriders of Pern was really good 🙂 Lord of the Rings is also masterful, but LOTR is kind of intense, so I’ve never successfully read it while I also have school to worry about. LOTR is more of a summer-vacation read for me.

  2. Reach

    Hmm…. Not sure to be honest. I, personally, really enjoyed Ranger’s Apprentice. John Flanagan is one of my favorite authors.

        1. Reach

          I think it is Halt’s Peril, but really, I like them all. Oh! And I really like Erak’s Ransom. You?

        2. Reach

          That one was really cool to. Yeah, now that you mention it the third was probably one of my least favorites.

        3. Yes…I can see how it was necessary for the story (because if it didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have book four, and if we didn’t have that one, we wouldn’t have book seven, either), but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. That said, I liked the storyline with Halt and Horace. Just… not any of the parts with Will and Evanlyn.

          There probably isn’t a point in asking this, but who’s your favorite character?

        4. Yes! Halt is my favorite. I want to try to be him for Halloween this year. Hehe. When I told my mom that, she asked if there were any female Rangers I could be, but… nope. Sorry. Maddie is nowhere near as cool as Halt.

          Horace is probably my second favorite character, though. I’m not sure who’s third. Will, I suppose. Maybe Alyss. Or…gosh, practically all of the characters fit into “third place”.

        5. Reach

          haha… I know! Horace is probably my sec. favorite too. Not sure on third, probably everybody else.

    1. Though actually, reading LoTR has been a to-read for me as well, but with school being really rather stressful at the moment, I don’t think I’ll quite be able to… not at the moment anyway. Hmmm… Maybe when it’s break for you and break for me (if that will ever happen) we could help each other out? I don’t know, anyway it would probably just turn out being you helping me out with things I don’t get, but I don’t know, maybe it would be nice to discuss things with someone that was currently reading it so everything was fresh in their minds? Speaking of bad sentence runs in that email… 😛 I really do use the phrase ‘I don’t know’ way too much, and speaking as well. *facepalm* But that’s a whole different matter.
      Huh? Rambling? Who was doing that? 😀

      1. Understandable. When do you go on break next? I have summer break coming up next month. And it lasts for two full months! Yay!

        Hehe, me too, probably. Oops.

        I have no clue. *looks around for the offender of rambling*

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