Word War, Anyone?

Twice now, I’ve nearly missed getting my writing done only because I ran out of time to write.  (Strict bedtime, y’see.) In fact, on both those occasions, I actually only got about three or four hundred words, but I decided to count it anyway because I did write, even if it wasn’t quite to the goal. So it occurred to me last night, it’s taking me forever just to write 500 small words.  I want to try to speed it up a little.

So.  Anyone up for a word war?


46 thoughts on “Word War, Anyone?

  1. Game on. 😉

    I didn’t write anything yesterday, and I’m blaming it on you. You see, I opened up Scrivener and it opened straight to your turtorial, and I got too involved in a certain fascinating bat, and sort of ran out of time to write something of my own. 😛

    And the trouble is I think I’m coming down with a cold. Gah. >_<

    But anyway, bring it on, and may the force be with you. 😀
    (I'll find some time to reply to the 11 emails you sent me, hehe. :D)

        1. Hehe, I only managed 209 words.
          I got distracted by the binder at the start, and didn’t really start till later, and then near the end, I found that I was writing in the wrong person! Guess I’m still not used to first person, eheh. 😀

        2. Sure! Maybe you won’t be distracted this time. But if you do, I’m watching a movie right now, so I’m kind of distracted, too. Gosh, and my hands are suddenly all sticky…… So, let’s say, :15? For another fifteen minutes?

        3. Would counting up the words I wrote for Azlyn’s character sheet count?
          ..Yeah. Talk about distractions. 😀

          The character form you made is really really useful though, I’m finally getting some character development done!

        4. Hehe, only if that was what you were trying to accomplish with the word war. 😛

          Hehe, yup.

          Really? I’m glad. I really need to use it, myself…. *guilty* *will probably go do that now, since she’s definitely made her word goal for the day*

        5. It was? Changed at at the last minute?

          Yeah! Now I’ve got to do Levi, and Frankie… But that’ll have to wait a bit. D: I need to get some school done first.

        6. Heh, well, my day is three hours farther along than yours. (Even if it’s Tuesday for me… heh.)

          Hehe. Depends on your definition of “friend”. But it sounds like fun! I like Frankie. 😀

        7. Hehe, I’m glad. I had fun filling them out. Did you like the silly banter between Shimmer and Ean that I put in there, too? Is it bad that I’m amused by my own characters?

    1. Well, basically, you pick a time to start, and an amount of time to do it, and then however many people are participating write as much as they can in the specified amount of time. When the time’s up, then they compare how many words they wrote. However wrote the most “wins”, but I feel it’s more of a competition against yourself (can I beat my own record), with other people doing it with you. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve always found it to be productive.

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