Okay.  Now I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do.  Today and yesterday, I’ve just been staring at my Scrivener window and doing nothing.  I can’t write.  I have things to write, sort of.  I just don’t really want to.  Yesterday, I only barely made my goal for the day by writing about one sentence to a paragraph or two in a dozen different scenes and chapters, until it all added up to 500 words.  Today, I really don’t have a way of doing even that, but I can’t seem to write.

I don’t want to take a break, though.  I want to write.  I even wrote a few hundred words in a separate story, but this one particular one, I can’t seem to go anywhere.  I want to take a break from it, and work on some of my other stories.  But at the same time, I want to finish this one.  I haven’t finished a project since last May (an entire year ago), and this is the closest I’ve gotten since then.  I’m, I think, about half way through the novel.

But I’m staring to get…bored, I guess.

So should I switch to another story or try to get past this and just keep writing until I reach the end?


26 thoughts on “So…Erm…Ugh…

    1. I wish. I’m writing from an outline, and I’m balancing three different character groups at the moment, and I’ve written one of them as far as I can write without having the other two caught up…so I need to write the other two, and I know exactly what happens, I just don’t want to. For…some reason. I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t like the characters, because I do. *sigh* >_<

      1. I’m guessing that you mean you just don’t want to write it? Hmm…I know some people are really against doing this, while others love the idea (I’m not really sure myself), but seeing as you have an outline, would it help to just write another part first? Like the part that comes after this? And then come back to this part you’re stuck on?

        Hmm… *ponders* >_< Wait, which one's this story you're talking about?

        1. Oh, well, that’s what I meant. I’ve been jumping around and such until I got to the blank in my outline (Im working with an incomplete outline….I don’t have the middle in there, because I wanted to more or less discovery write that part….don’t ask, it doesn’t make sense), but I’ve jumped around so much I don’t have anything left to write except for what comes directly next. *sigh* I guess I just need to force myself to write it, otherwise it’ll never get done. Maybe I’ll do another word war later today or so…

        2. Oh… right. So you’re up to writing the middle part? Hmmm….(Doesn’t know what else to say, but don’t worry, I outline even weirder… I’ve thought of doing what you do, but for Azlyn’s story I’ve been outlining as I go… which come to think of it doesn’t seem like outlining, does it?

        3. Cool!
          Hmm, I just thought maybe even though you know what’s going to happen/what you want to happen, you could write a different variation sort of for now? No of course a different variation is not small plot twist! 😛

          You know, seeing as I’m sick and probably won’t be going to gymnastics tonight, I could maybe do a WW with you then… Oh wait, that would be something like midnight for you. Erg.

        4. Like…what do you mean, exactly?

          Hehe, yeah, I probably can’t do a WW at all today. I have to eat dinner in a few moments, and then I have to go to this thingy… and then I’m not allowed on the computer at all…and… Yeah. Maybe tomorrow?

    1. Yeah.

      Oooh, I like that! Thanks. I think I’m going to try sticking through this one a little bit further… and if I still have this problem, then maybe I’ll switch to another project for a little while.

      1. Peace

        Okay, so then…find a random word generator thing, take maybe five words, and use those in the part you’re stuck at? Somehow?

        1. Mmmm…I think I might have found a solution. *cough* Which may or may not have to do with pulling a few characters out of the novel…so now I’m writing a scene in which a character drags another unconscious character around. Can you guess whom?

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        1. Wasn’t too bad for him, since he’s unconscious and blissfully ignorant of it. I think Syri dragged him in the dirt a little, though, and Azeth got yelled at a tiny bit.

          She’s definitely in a foul mood today.

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