First off, I just wanted to point out how it’s kind of ironic, and amusing, that the rest of the world (or at least the US) is going, “Oh! School’s almost out, I’m so busy!” and yet this month, I’ve written more blog posts than I have in…a very long time.  Huh.

Anyway, back to relevancy.  (I love that word…and all variations of it.)  I made forty thousand words today!  I’m very excited about it.  I made 40k!  (Excuse me while I go flail and grin like a madman.  One without a box, sadly.)

On a different note, I’ve also started writing at a more regular time.  Once upon a time, when I first started writing, I did it first thing in the morning.  Right after I woke up.  It was surprisingly productive to get so much done when I still feel half-asleep.  Lately, though, I haven’t done that, and so I just write whenever I find time.

The past three…or was it four?…days, I’ve woken up at roughly six in the morning, and I decided to take advantage of it by getting up and writing.  That first day, it was really hard, because all I wanted to do was sit and be lazy in my warm bed, but by today, it was actually really easy to get up out of bed.  All I had to do was remind myself how much more productive it is when I do it.

Plus, at six in the morning, the baby is still asleep, so it’s nice and quiet.  Yay!  I don’t get much quiet in my house, with an almost two year old and several other siblings, so I like it when I get it.

Anyway.  This post is starting to sound ramble-y, so I think I’ll stop it here.


20 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Reach

    *scratches head* Yeah I’m one of those “Oh! School’s almost out! I’m so busy” people. 😛 Anyways, congrats on the 40k!

  2. Peace

    YESH 40K I KNEW YOU’D GET THERE 😀 Good job with the morning writing thing, too. I really should try that…

    (mwahaha school’s already out for me >:D)

      1. Peace

        *is persuaded* *will do next morning* *except for outlining stuff, but still*

        That’s about three or four weeks after ours…’cause we’re probably the earliest to finish outta the whole world. Or somewhere around there. >:D

        Oh, and by the way, sorry I haven’t gotten to emails lately. I can’t find a way to get on there, but I will as soon as possible. :3

        1. *convinced, you mean* *thinks of I Hate Dragons* *…right, Kiwi?* *wonders if Kiwi actually looks at other comments and if she will see this*

          Wow. I know there’s some public schools out here that are finished already, like this week or last week, or even the week before…but, ugh, I have until the middle of June. And then summer school.

          Ah, okay. I was wondering why you hadn’t replied…

  3. Peace

    *probably should actually read through that instead of skim through*

    Oh, that sounds terrible. Especially that dreaded oxymoron of summer school…Dx

    Yeah…sorry ’bout that. If only I could get my dad to actually do what he said he would and give me the internet password for my tablet…and if my tablet would actually charge…I don’t know if all of the drafts I typed out have actually sent yet ’cause computers are being confusing and I can’t see…at the rate things are going, you’ll probably have to wait about six or seven days until I can actually reply. Dx Sorry ’bout the rant.

  4. Peace

    *okay, definitely* *speaking of reading, YAY YOU STARTED JACK BLANK :D*

    >.< Good luck with the rest of school, though. :3

    Yeah…so, now I should be able to email you later tonight or early next morning, which would be…around midnight for you.

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