Taking a Brief Break from Blogging…

Title says it all.  There’re several reasons for this, and I’ll tell them to you, even if they might not all be particularly interesting.

  1. I just got new glasses—or, er, I will be getting new glasses in a few weeks; I just went to the optometrist earlier today (or, yesterday, by the time you read this), and I definitely needed a new pair.  Anyway, my sister also needed a new pair, only way more drastically than I had.  Her vision had worsened a lot.  And she’s not even nine years old yet. That’s bad.  So my mom decided, it must be related to the fact that me and my siblings all spend about nine-tenths of our time in front of computers, books, the television, and other things that only require us to see things that are close.  We never really look at things outside and faraway much, which is why three out of five of us are near-sighted.  (I should say three out of four, though, since the baby doesn’t really count yet.)
    So what does this have to do with me taking a break from my blog?  Well, my mom decided we’re going to have less time indoors.  So less Internet, less reading, less writing…less pretty much every single one of my hobbies.  So, I decided, if I’m going to have less time, then I really need to prioritize and figure out what I want to use the littler time for.  As you can guess, writing and reading and school came up higher on the list than blogging.
    So…I’ll not be on here as much.
  2. I am procrastinating.  A lot.  A lot.  So much so, in fact, that I’ve gotten bored of procrastinating.  Sounds crazy, right?  I know. What it means is basically I’ve been bugging other bloggers by posting pointless comments on old posts.  (Sorry, Liam.  I really don’t mean to harass you, I swear.)  Anyway, I decided, if I’m going to not write, but can’t concentrate or just really want to do something else, then I’m going to get off the computer and procrastinate elsewhere.  I won’t stop myself from procrastinating, since I’m not sure that’s possible, I’ll just find new ways of doing it.
    Maybe I’ll even find more productive ways of procrastinating.  Like, say, school or riding my bike or chores.  Doing all of that is technically procrastinating from writing, right?  (Nobody burst my bubble, please.  It’s a very nice bubble.)
  3. I’m going on vacation end of June/beginning of July.  That’s way in three weeks, I know, but I don’t know how long this “break” will last, but just in case it happens to last three weeks and I don’t pop on before my vacation, then I thought I’d say.  Just in case.

So.  I’ll be back either after my vacation (so, second week of July, I think) or I might pop on right before I leave and then disappear again.  Depends on how busy/bored I get.

I’ll still be writing though, so nobody worry about that.  I have one day left of my “month of writing”, so I am definitely going to get that.  And I’m fairly sure I’ll be writing after that, too.  Even on vacation.  (For some reason, my “writing vacations” never sync up very well with the real vacations.  I have no clue why.)

Anyhow, on a different note, I have no idea how this’ll affect emails yet, so Kiwi, I might or might not reply to you soon.  I don’t know yet.  But if I don’t, I apologize.

So, farewell, my few and far between followers!  Until…July.


11 thoughts on “Taking a Brief Break from Blogging…

  1. Peace

    Aw…have fun on vacation! And good luck with the less internet thing and the new ways of procrastination thing…yeah. Bye!

    1. Heh…I’ll need the luck. It’s not working as well as I’d like so far. But hey, I wrote my words for the day…so I’m not technically procrastinating if I’m done already, right…? Hehe.

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