Mostly Untitled

I’m bored.  Really bored.  I have two Scrivener windows open, for two separate projects, and I don’t really want to work on either of them.  I’m just bored.  I have other projects I can work on, as well, but I’m bored of those, too.

I’m just bored of writing at all.  I spent the entire weekend reading Way of Kings because I was so bored of writing.  Thing is, I don’t even know why I’m bored.  Am I bored of the stories?  Maybe, but how can I be bored of all of them all at once?  Am I bored of the characters?  A few, yes…but all of them?  I’m not sure.  Am I bored because nothing interesting is happening?  I don’t think that’s it, either.  I’ve got plenty of exciting things happening.  One of my stories, I’m nearly to the climax.  That’s certainly exciting.

It just feels like I’m bored of writing itself.  But it also feels deeper than that.  I’m bored of everything.  Bored of reading, even though my book is definitely interesting.  Bored of staring at my computer screen, but bored of doing anything else.  I don’t want to read, I don’t want to write, I don’t want to draw, I don’t even want to eat, and I’m normally nicknamed the Pit because of my big appetite.

I hate being bored.  I’m bored of being bored, even.  Does anybody have any cures for boredom?  I really need one.


11 thoughts on “Mostly Untitled

  1. Haha, yeah, Frank as a squirrel is honestly funny.
    If you can go to YouTube, look up “how 2 face your fears” (with the 2) It’s really funny.
    Also, if you have any glowsticks, light them up and just go outside.
    If you don’t, make something out of:
    Old clothes
    Unused recyclable plastic

    It helps me. 🙂

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