And So I Return

And, I’m back! Yay! The vacation was amazing. I got souvenirs from…a lot of different places. Like, in Arkansaw, I got a bug bite on the bottom of my foot. And in Kansas, I got a scrape on my arm and a pulled muscle in my leg that kept me from walking for two days.

Okay, maybe those aren’t really souvenirs. They’re probably just me being a little foolish. I couldn’t have done much to prevent the bug bite, but the latter two I got from climbing a tree in flipflops, then falling off of said tree. Brilliant, I know. I do try.

Anyway. The important part of all of this is, the break really helped me out with a lot of things. I feel like I got a fresh start, not just to my writing, but to, well, everything. I’m coming back to my characters with a clear head, and it feels amazing.

I’m doing Camp NaNo, as I may or may not have mentioned before. I planned on only continuing my 500 words a day, but when I had nothing else to do the past few days (lots of driving), I got my word-count up to just over 8,000. I think I might extend the goal, if only a little. I don’t want to do too much, because I don’t want to make the mistake I’ve done previous years and burn myself out half-way through the month. So I’ll take it easy, so long as I don’t get lazy and stop writing.

I realize that there’s like two dozen posts for me to catch up on from the rest of you guys, so I apologize if I miss something. I’ll try to read and comment, but I can’t guarantee I’ll comment on everything. That’s a lot of reading, and I’ve already been doing lots of reading, trying to finish Sanderson’s Words of Radiance before I got home.

Geez. That thing was huge. But awesome. I might do a post in the future on some of the things I really liked about that book, and hopefully some things I’ve learned from it.


6 thoughts on “And So I Return

  1. Welcome back!
    Haha, what wonderful souvenirs! 😉
    It probably isn’t the best idea to climb a tree in flip flops, but it’s good to try.
    That’s excellent that you feel fresh. It’s always a good idea to leave any work and take a break, then start again.

    1. Thanks!

      Hehe, they were definitely wonderful. *grins* I don’t think it was the flipflops that really caused the problem, so much, as the way I climbed the tree. Still. It would have been better with real shoe… hehe.

      Yes, definitely. 😀

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