I am a horrible blogger.  I haven’t so much as looked at my blog in three weeks.  Part of that is because I unexpectedly went to summer camp for a week (and we kind of didn’t have wifi), but otherwise, I honestly have no clue why I’ve avoided it.

But I’m back now!

And still writing.  I won Camp NaNo with a total of 28,288 words.  (What a fun number.  It was entirely incidental, believe it or not.)  Unfortunately, I also got bored of the story in the process, and so even though the story clearly isn’t finished at that amount, I probably won’t be continuing it this August.  Or…the rest of July.

Boy.  I really have a pattern going for getting bored of stories during Camp NaNo.  However, I’m beginning to think it’s due to my lack of planning.

See, when I don’t plan, I don’t plan at all.  Then I get part way into the story, lose my momentum, and I’m more lost than…well, really, really lost.   And when I do plan, I try to write a fairly extensive, chapter-by-chapter outline.  But I’ve never tried anything in the middle.  You can plan and not have an outline, can’t you?  I mean, okay, maybe that doesn’t make so much sense.

So, I’ll say this.  I’m planning my November novel right now.  Yes.  It’s not even August yet.  I have four months.  But, hey, that means I’ll be better off than those people who like to save it until right before November, right?

I’m not actually going to write an outline.  I’m bored of outlining, and I really want to discovery write.  Like, really discovery write, and not this…whatever it is I’ve been doing lately.  So in the next four months, I’m developing my protagonists and my antagonists, and also secondary characters (hey, has anybody thought of having a huge list of pre-developed characters to throw in when you lose momentum during NaNo?), and doing as much world-building as possible.

I’m thinking, if I have a world that I know almost inside and out, and characters that actually have depth to them, then maybe I can do better with this.  I hope.  But boy, world-building is hard.  And characters take a while to develop.  I almost wonder if four months will be long enough.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing.  How’s everybody else’s writing going?  Does anybody else know what they’re doing in November yet?


38 thoughts on “Percolation

  1. Jessy Jones

    All I know is I’ll be working on my current WIP (the one I’ve been posting about). I have a few “scenes” written for it already, but not much.

    I’ve never done NaNoWriMo before, but I have a couple friends who do (as well as most the bloggers I know). Since I decided to do it this year, I’ve mostly been getting to know my characters and figuring out what the story is even about. I kind of have a theme, sort of. But there’s so many ways I could go with this, and I’m hoping I get that decided before November. But, as you point out, I do have 3 months until then.

    the writeress @ barefoot in the snow

    1. Awesome. (Wait a minute, why am I not following your blog? *goes to fix that*)

      Oh, so I’m not the only person figuring this out so far ahead. From what I know, a lot of us wait until October to plan—or just don’t know what they’re writing at all until November 1st. Sounds insane. Anyway, good luck!

      1. Jessy Jones

        Yes, it does sound insane! Though, I’m pretty sure the two friend I mentioned wait. I was so glad when I realized I could know what I was doing ahead of time, that I didn’t have to wait until it started to get ready. Because… I’m pretty sure I’d totally fail if that were the case. Maybe in the future, just for fun, but not this year.

        Yes, you too! Have you ever done NaNo before?

        1. Yeah, there’s no rule against how far ahead you can plan. You’re not supposed to write any story ahead of time (if you do, you’re considered a rebel, but you can still participate), but planning? Pah, you can do as much or as little as you like. I’ve tried to not plan, but always, when I lose my momentum, I get stuck and can’t seem to go anywhere.

          Yup! This will be my third NaNo. I’ve also done three or four camps, but the official November NaNo, I think I started in ’12.

        2. Jessy Jones

          That’s good. I’ve only written a bit (maybe 2,000 words), and nothing since I decided to do NaNo. At least I can participate as a rebel 😉 I don’t plan on counting those words anyhow, and some of them might not even work with the plot changes that’ve happened.

          Oh, NaNo is that new! That’s cool. Actually, I’m sure I’ve known that before, but I forgot.

        3. Ahh. Yeah, well, being a rebel is fun. I was a rebel last year. (I actually switched projects like three times throughout the month, and then ended up writing an outline for the rest of the month… Definitely a rebel.)

          Ahhh… I’m not really sure when NaNo actually started, but I personally found it in 2012. I think it might have started in like ’04 or something? At the very least, I know the YWP (Young Writers Program…which is NaNo for anyone younger than 18) site was started in ’04.

  2. Wait, what? November is in four months?!?
    I think it’s pretty obvious that I have no idea what I’m doing in November. Maybe the prequel series to TCF. Or editing Shifting Sands by then. But I’m going to wait a while longer before worrying about it.
    Good luck with your boredom and outlining dilemmas!

    1. Yessir!
      Yeah, if you’re in the middle of a project like that, you might want to wait and see where you’re at, first. I’ve honestly got nothing much to work on in the next months, so I figured, why not? I’m not sure what I’ll actually write in the next few months, though… I should probably find something.
      Thanks! Good luck with your writing!

  3. Well I am a horrible blogger and a horrible writer. Enough said. Awesome job though! I’m sort of at the stage where I wonder which idea to try and outline and write. Azlyn and Levi’s story is currently helplessly flat and I don’t know how to fix that. Gah.

      1. Right okay then. So there’s me trying to write their story but I can’t get it not to sound flat. So I try developing them more but I still don’t get anywhere. I’ve always found beginnings hard to write, but not THIS hard. I don’t really know how to start the story. I guess I’ve sort of outlined in my mind the latter part of the story but not really the beginning. So I guess I need to work on the start. But I don’t know how to start it off… I’ll stop now.

        1. Maybe you can…not start with the beginning? I know that doesn’t make much sense, but skip the beginning for now, and come back later. Start in the middle, where you don’t have to introduce the characters or anything, because you can assume the reader will already know them, and just write from there. You can always go back and write the beginning later.

        2. I’ve tried, but it sort of doesn’t work because I don’t actually know what’s going to happen in the beginning yet, to link anything to the middle, because well I haven’t exactly outlined. >_<

        3. So there’s Azlyn and Levi, and Levi’s just moved to her neighbourhood or will be moving. That’s another thing I haven’t decided yet. Whether he should have already moved or not. Hmmm… Maybe I should sort of jump right into action? And also there’s a prologue which I’m debating whether or not to discard. Pretty much that’s all I know about the beginning.

          And then later on somehow she wants to find her real parents, who are actually from a different world and are immensely evil. So there’s world building I need to do, and she somehow goes to that world… and that’s all I’ve sort of got. >_<

        4. Ahh, so you seem to have a pretty good start so far, from what I can tell. Well. Okay, so as to whether or not he should have already moved or not… do you have anything else exciting happening in the beginning? Because if you do, then you can just have him already moved and just like show up or something. But if you don’t, then you could have him move there. (‘Cause what’s more exciting, meeting someone who’s lived there a little while, or meeting some who’s actively moving right now? You have the whole meeting process, plus the moving business, right?)

          (Personally, I say, don’t discard the prologue. A. I liked it, if it’s what I think it is, B. that’s usually things to save for editing, and C. it adds to your word-count (which can sometimes give you a boost in confidence).)

          Now as for that… Boy. World-building. Actually, you could maybe *cough* come to the Fruit thread…? Pepper and Cori have been helping me a lot with my own world-building (I’ve been doing a lot of it), and I can tell you some of the things I’ve been doing to get my world…built.

        5. Right, but the whole moving thing just drags on… I guess that’s where I need to work on it more then.

          Okay! I won’t discard it then, for now at least.

          I think I’ll do just that sometime soon. 😀

        6. Mmm, perhaps. Or maybe you just need to find something exciting to put in there. (If it gets boring, blow something up. Always makes it more exciting. Hehe, even if it isn’t a literal explosion, though those are just as fun.)


          You should. *nods convincingly—er, I mean, persuasively*

        7. Anything. Everything. Absolutely nothing. It’s fun to explode nothing.

          Oh, by the way, I was told to deliver a message… that you need to come back to NaNo, or else you will be dragged.

        8. *is even more confused*
          *pushes confusion aside* You still need to come back. I came back after seven months, so… 😛 Hehe, and I think the others don’t mind helping you worldbuild at all. Like I said, they’ve been helping me, since I’m working in that new story (and hey, I can tell you about that story!).

        9. …if you say so. Heheh. 😀

          Oh, and Pepper had another message. She said: “Tell her that I platonically love her very much and I will be awaiting her return, whenever she can come back.” *snods*

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