Planning for NaNo…

So…it’s been like a month and a half since I posted anything.  Part of it’s that I’ve had nothing to say, and part of it is that…well, I’ve been having a lot of self-esteem issues recently, so I’ve just been avoiding my blog. But, I think it’s time I at least say something.

So, it’s October.  NaNoWriMo starts in less than a month.  I’m as prepared as I’m going to be.  Characters are more or less developed (meaning, my MC’s are developed, but I have only backstory and motivation, but no personality, for my villain).  I figure that’s probably enough for the moment, and even if it wasn’t, it’ll have to do since I’m bored of developing characters at the moment.  Same with world-building.  I have random things figured out, and random holes in other places, but I think I have enough to write the first draft.  Afterwards, in December or January, I’ll go through and finish my world building and then I can edit things in and whatnot, but for now, I need a break from all of that.

I know I can’t just not do anything for the next month, though, so I decided to start working on an old story I had started a while ago, and so I’m working on that for now.  I’ve been consistently writing every day, averaging probably around one thousand to two thousand words a day, and I’m very happy about that.

NaNo is going to hard this year, though.  Last year, I wrote about 84k, and so, of course, I want to try to beat my own record and get more than that.  Currently, I think I’m going to try for 100k, but that’d mean I have to write four thousand words every single day.  That’s a stretch even for me (and people are always asking how I write as much in one day as I do…hmm), but I really want to try this.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten one of my siblings to do NaNoWriMo with me.  Just one…maybe two.  The other one doesn’t want to touch NaNo with a ten foot pole.  Eh.  So I was trying to help the one brother with figuring out some things for his story, and he’s got this big thing of time travel and a colony on Mars and magical jewelry, and while it sounds awesome, I wonder if it’ll be too much for him to handle.  He did NaNo last year, but he only wrote about 2k, and so this is going to be a big project for him.  Still, I think it’ll be fun, if nothing else.

So, how’s planning for NaNo going for everyone else?  At least, those of you who are actually planning anything…


41 thoughts on “Planning for NaNo…

  1. I’ve decided to try NaNo for the first time this year because I just happen to be ready to start book 2 of my series. It’s been plotted, developed and honed in my mind, so NaNo prep is pretty much done, though I do plan on taking October to review notes. Otherwise, I’m ready. Now if I can just carve out the time!

  2. Peace

    Ooh, we could have a word war every day so you can reach your goal. 😀 I don’t know mine yet…

    (Is it just me or did the Wipe begin? D: I didn’t prepare!)

        1. Hmm…twenty thousand? I’m not sure what you’d want…

          (Yeah, I hope so…wait, it was a triple wipe? I remember it being a double wipe… *looks to see if it’s up yet, though highly doubts it*)

  3. I’m participating… but I really suck at planning, for anything. Though I do have a storyboard on pinterest full of ideas. So it is slowly coming to me.

  4. Peace

    I want to actually have a real novel-length thing, but I don’t know if I can just do it all of a sudden…twenty thousand sounds good. 😀

    (…it wasn’t the real thing. *fumes at NaNo*)

  5. Peace

    *tries not to write the excitingish stuff early* *oops too late* *tries to plan more*

    Are they even going to do it? D: ‘Cause they said “this week” and the week is over so it has to be today, but then if they delayed it we’d worry even more, which seems to be their goal…

    1. Oops…

      Nah, I think it’ll be today. They’ve already done the “fake” Wipes, so it’s got to be today. Plus, as somebody else pointed out earlier, the reason they do it the first week of October is that’s when the Novemblies or whatever start coming back, and so they need to have the systems all clean. Worrying us is probably just a bonus.

      1. Peace


        True…at least this time I’ve PMed myself what I need to save. Which is not the forty-something threads, though I wanted them saved…

        1. YES.

          I…think the Wipe just hit me. Right in the middle of responding to a PM, too! Hmm. *hopes it is actually the Wipe this time*

          Guess now I have an excuse to get off the Internet and go write…

    1. Aha! Different error message this time… wasn’t just a, what was it, “Error 503”, now it says, YWP IS DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE.

      I think maybe…maybe…finally… *is afraid to get her hopes up* *is also a little annoyed it was in the middle of a conversation*

  6. PEACE123

    It’s a new wipe! 😀 They’re keeping all threads they’ve been active since August 1, apparently. They said it was an experiment…

  7. Peace

    Yup…it’s kind of annoying already. D: I think they called it the NaNo Tea Party?

    Yeah! 😀 *attempts to predict something else* *predicts ice-cream*

        1. You did that just to make me wrong, didn’t you? 😛
          No wait… I didn’t have breakfast either. I was so caught up in school, I didn’t notice I was hungry until lunch. Hehe, so I guess I was completely and utterly wrong…

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