Sisterhood of the World Blog Award

What?  I was bored!  And it sounded fun.  I’m not sure I’ve gotten this award yet, anyway.  So why not?

The Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
Put the award logo on your blog.
Answer the ten questions they’ve set you.
Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
Nominate ten people.

Thanks, Evi, for the award!  And thanks, Robyn, for the second one!

Now to answer questions.  Hey!  I don’t have to come up with eleven random facts about me!  Yes, this award is already better then the Liebster.

Anyway.  First Evi’s questions, then Robyn’s.

1. What is the wackiest/coolest/everything-else-in-between fandom you’re obsessed with?

…Doctor Who?

2. What is your favorite song/album/artist?

That…is not an easy question to answer.  I think I’m going to say my favorite song is probably “Pull Me Under” by Dream Theater. For the moment.

3. Weirdest search term for your blog? (Or comment.)

Well…let’s see.  Okay, the two weirdest I have are “temporal osmosis” and “how to use the fiddle sticks in mathematics”.  Um, okay, I don’t remember ever discussing osmosis on my blog, so I don’t know how that came up.  And I know I’ve mentioned math once or twice and I like to use the word fiddlesticks, but…what do fiddlesticks have to do with math?

4.What’s the funniest thing someone has said to you/that has happened to you recently?

I had a bad case of the hiccups yesterday.  They weren’t the really painful kind, but they sure weren’t pleasant.  Anyway, every time I hiccuped, my baby brother would look at me and ask me if I was okay.  Every time.  It was so funny and so cute.

5. How many bookshelves are in your house (I dunno. I’m curious)?

Hmm.  There’s three downstairs, two upstairs, one in my room… Um, so, six?  Unless I’m somehow forgetting one.  Three of them are actually for school stuff, though, but they still have books on them.

6. Favorite TV show?

That changes depending on my mood, so right now, I guess I’ll say Castle.

7. Favorite animal?

Favorite real animal?  Tasmanian tiger (also known as the Tasmanian wolf).  I wrote a report on them in fourth grade.  They’re cool.  Favorite mythical animal?  Unicorn.  A few months ago, I might have said dragons, but now it’s definitely unicorns.

8. One thing you would do if you were immortal?

…live forever? Don’t tell me that’s a cop-out answer. It’s the truth!

9. Hogwarts house?

I think the quiz-thingy said it was Hufflepuff, but I’m not sure…

10. Godly parent at Camp Half-Blood/Camp Jupiter?

Honestly, I’m not sure.  I want to say Athena, but I’m not sure I’m that smart.  I’d probably be the daughter of a really minor god/goddess. Ha.  I think those quiz-thingy things put me as Athena, though.

11. What is your favorite musical?

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen enough to have a favorite.

12. If you could guest star in any TV show, which show and who would you be?

Hmm.  Either a one-episode companion in Doctor Who, or maybe one of the early suspects (but not the murderer) in Castle.

13. Do you have a favorite number?

Yup.  583.  It’s been my favorite number for…almost three years now, I think.  Or maybe just two.  I don’t know why I like that number, so don’t ask.

14. What is your favorite thing about autumn?

A better question is, what isn’t my favorite thing about autumn?  Hehe, let’s see… Right now, I think I’ll say the cooler weather.

15. What’s your favorite girly thing to do with your sister/female cousin/best friend?

Hmm.  Painting my fingernails with my sister is usually fun, even if the nail polish doesn’t last more than an hour for me.

16. Best movie you’ve see this year?

How to Train Your Dragon 2.  No contest.

17. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

That…is a hard question.  I assume just changing the spelling wouldn’t count?  Or what about using my middle name instead? I really can’t think of any names I really like and that I’d kind of like to have as my own name, so I’m not sure how to answer this question…

18. How do you feel about chick-flicks?

It depends on how sappy they are.  If they get too sappy, I’ll either be too busy laughing at how corny it seems or being grossed out to really enjoy it.  I like comedy chick-flicks, though.

19. GIFs?

Nope.  Don’t like ’em.  Not at all. Can’t you tell?

20. Favorite female author?

Mmm…I’m too lazy to look at my bookshelf, so I’m going to say the two that pop into my head right away: Jessica Day George and Tamora Pierce.


Okay, onto questions of my own.  Gee, this is hard.

  1. What color socks are you wearing right now? (Yes, that was seriously the first question I thought of.)
  2. Would you rather have fudge or marshmallows?
  3. When you play tic-tac-toe, do you use the normal X‘s  and O‘s, or do you use other shapes instead?
  4. If you had to describe yourself using one movie/book/tv quote, what quote would that be?
  5. Who is your favorite female protagonist (in books, movies, or any story-telling medium)?
  6. If you were stuck on an island with only one other person, who would that person be?
  7. What is the scariest, but most exciting and most worth it in the end, thing you’ve ever done?
  8. What is the last book you read?  And did you enjoy it?
  9. What’s your favorite thing about blogging/being a blogger?
  10. Do you like two year olds?


Now, I really can’t think of ten people to nominate for this blog.  So I’ll only do three. Ha!

Holly @ Lines of Color, Palettes of Words

Myth @ Words Dipped in Chocolate

Kiwi @ Ripped Out Pages

So much for stopping that train, Kiwi.


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