My Blog-Anniversary…Blogiversary?

Well.  Today, December 12, I’ve had my blog for two years.

That seems like such a long, long time.  Way too long. Hehe, but in those two years, I’ve gotten 201 followers, 1,054 comments, I’ve also written 143 posts (well, 144 now), and the most views I’ve had in one day was 108.

Great, now I feel like I’m bragging.  Hehe, I imagine that isn’t very much for two years, though.  Still, small or big or whatever it is, blogging has been pretty awesome.  Even if I’m horribly inconsistent.

Anyway, I guess this is the part where I thank all my followers.  I’m sure only a tiny fraction of you even read anything of mine, but still, I doubt I’d be here without you!

(I think this is the most gifs I’ve ever had in one post… Hmm.  It’s strangely fun.)


21 thoughts on “My Blog-Anniversary…Blogiversary?

  1. WOOHOO! You used the gifs I would have gifted you. Or wait, no. Ahem. *clears throat* Anyway, yay! I should get a gift for being the best commenter and follower, right? 😛

    (Yes, you should do it more! I didn’t really use to add gifs in my posts, but now I’m sort of obsessed. )

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