Writerly Wish-List

So there are a few other blogs doing this, and I figured, hey, I need to post something and it sounds fun, so I’ll do it, too.  Some day soon, I’ll actually post something original and also possibly interesting.  Maybe.  No guarantees.  So, uh, here’s my writerly wish-list thing of things I want to write some day.  Maybe I’ll even write them this next year, in 2015.

(Note, these are composed in absolutely no order whatsoever.)

1. Something Sci-Fi

I’ve honestly never written anything sci-fi before.  Written plenty of fantasy, but never sci-fi, and I’d like to do that some day.

2. A murder mystery

I watch murder mystery cop shows with my mom all the time (Castle and BBC’s Sherlock are my favorites, if you were wondering…which you probably weren’t), and I kind of want to write one one day… I’ll admit, though, I’ve never actually read a murder mystery before. That’s also technically on my list, even if it’s reading and not writing related.

3. Something publishable

Am I allowed to say that?  It’s true!

4. A graphic novel

Like in the case of the murder mystery, I’ve never actually read a graphic novel (I mean, unless the Artemis Fowl ones and the Lightning Thief ones count, but…they were originally novels to begin with, so I don’t know if they actually count…), but I would really want to write one.  I do have an idea for a superhero story that I think could work as a graphic novel.  Honestly, though, I think my art would need a lot more improvements before I could even begin to tackle this.

5. The script for a video game

could just write the script for a movie or something like that, but I don’t know, the idea of writing a story for a video game sounds cooler.  Is that just me?

6. A good fairy tale retelling

I’ve written fairy tale retellings before.  I sort of wrote one for NaNo ’12, and I had one attempt that made it to about 15k, and I’m sort of working on another one off-and-on, but I’d like to actually be able to write a good one.  The attempts so far haven’t been great.

7. Something with more swords and weapons and…

…and do I even sound like a girl anymore?  I don’t know, I kind of like stories with big, epic sword-fights and battles and that stuff.  I’ve never written anything like this, though, because the only thing I know about a sword is that one end is typically pointy, and the only things I know about a bow is that it’s not as easy as it looks to shoot it, the things Legolas does are impossible, the few times I have shot with a bow it’s been really fun, and I can’t imagine ever traveling with a bow. There’s goes that dream of one day being a Ranger.  My knowledge on modern weapons are even less.  Um…guns have a trigger and you pull it to shoot…right?

8. A historical fiction

Yeah, kind of self-explanatory.  I don’t even know what part of history I’d want to do it in, though.  Maybe something in the Victorian era.  Or maybe something in colonial America.  Or maybe something else entirely.

9. Something steam-punk

I honestly don’t know why.  I didn’t even know I liked steam-punk, but I think it might be kind of cool to write one time…

That’s about all I can think of, though I’m sure as soon as this post becomes public, I’ll think of a bunch more.  Heheh, but that’s how it always works.


33 thoughts on “Writerly Wish-List

  1. YES YES TO ALL OF THIS. Sci-fi, murder mystery, publishable-ness, swords and weapons, YAS. AND MORE DRAGONS. I said that I would post one of these, but I never got around to it. Something to add to post ideas in 2015.

    A video game! I haven’t played any of those, I know, but yes, it does sounds pretty cool. My friend and I have co-written movie scripts before, but a VIDEO GAME SCRIPT!

    So I’m not the only one who dreams of being a Ranger? Satisfaction.

    And in case you would like to know, Kara @ Diary of a Teen Writer was the first one to post this, as of recently~ 😀

        1. Hehe, I haven’t played the one that’s based off of the movie yet. But we do have the Lego games for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings. I haven’t played the latter one yet, but the first three are fun and absolutely hilarious.

  2. This list is lovely. I never even thought of writing a video game script… but then, I don’t play many video games. Murder Mystery, yes! (And I love Castle and Sherlock, too!) And I think “Something Publishable” is perfectly reasonable. 🙂

    1. I don’t play a whole lot of video games either, but the whole rest of my family does, so I’ve got the video-game genes in there somewhere. Hehe.
      (They’re both awesome shows… in completely different ways.) Oh, good. Hehe.

      I should probably have noted in the post that these are in absolutely no order whatsoever, despite the numbers…

  3. Peace

    All of my stuff ends up being sci-fi-ish, I think.

    I want to do a murder mystery or at least just a mystery but those are so complicated…

    And all your stuff still needs to be published, yes. 😀 All of it.

    A graphic novel sounds fun! I probably wouldn’t be the sort of person to attempt it, though. I’ve learned from school projects. Then again, that was me turning The Fall of the House of Usher into a terrible looking thing that still somehow got a good grade…and the teacher liked it, so maybe I should. Hmm.

    A video game script sounds cool…the only video games I’ve ever played were these Vtech things, and those are all for learning stuff and it was all about the alphabet and stuff like that. Oh, and the Wii, but that bores me, and my aunt’s Xbox, which we rarely get to use. But you’d probably write an awesome video game. 😀

    FAIRY TALE RETELLINGS YAY! What happened to Mae’s thing?

    Swords and weapons/historical fiction probably need lots of research…and I barely know what steam-punk is. D:

    Good post!

    1. Hehe, yeah, and all of mine is fantasy. Maybe we should trade for a while.

      Yeah…that’s probably why I’ve never attempted one before.

      Hehe, not all of it, no. Some of it.

      You should try it. I have a graphic novel idea that sort of involves you… I’m going to email you about it later today or tomorrow or sometime soonish, actually.

      Really? Okay, when I show some cooler video games to Kiwi, you’re going to be there, too, and the three of us will play some real ones. (I’ll tell you the same, though, most of the good ones we have are Lego.)

      Ahhh… I didn’t like where it was going, and I got annoyed at it, so I stuffed it in the closet, more or less. Now I have Kez’s story. *facepalm*

      Hehe, same here. Lots of research. Research that could be useful elsewhere, though…

      Thanks. I think you’ve given me my longest comment. Maybe.

      1. Peace

        That would be fun. 😀

        I would learn a lot from it, though. Hmm. *thinks about putting some mystery into one of the stories I’m planning to write this year*

        Oh, fine. But most of it. 😛

        Ooh, now I’m curious.

        Yay! 😀 I’ve never really used Legos either. All we ever had was some Lego Duplo thing and a Dora the Explorer set that my sister got a long, long time ago. 😛

        Ah, okay. Are you gonna write it again sometime?

        Yeah! 😀

        Yayyy! *is happy*

        1. Hehe, yeah.

          Ooh, good idea.

          Hehe, alright. Most of it. Ish. Most of the good stuff.

          I should probably email you later today. Mind you, it is a project that I won’t start until February or March or so.

          Ahh…well, you don’t have to be an avid Lego fan to enjoy these games. They’re hilarious.

          Mmm…probably not. I mean, I have better stories that I like better to work on, but, who knows, maybe I will one day.


        2. I might still accidentally turn fantasy into sci-fi, though.

          I really need to plan some more…hmm.

          That works, ’cause all of it is good stuff.


          I’d think so. 😀



        3. There’s no reason you can’t have both, though!


          Haha, very funny, Peace.

          …unless I start multitasking. Multiprojecting? Heheh…

          Yeah. None of the Lego minifigs talk, so they communicate using grunts and expressions and it’s sometimes gets so creative and so funny… I started laughing at one of the games, and my mom’s like, totally joking, “I see you hate your Christmas present. Should I return it?”

          One day far, far away, most likely.

        4. That’s true. Good idea. 😀

          *doesn’t plan*

          It’s the truth!


          xD That sounds awesome.

          How far away? Like, this year far away, or five years far away, or what? D:

        5. *hides in a hiding spot in the hiding spot*

          That sarcasm!

          But then I have to stay excited for a long time. D: Hopefully not too long, though.


        6. That’s true…I need it for Mela. I CAN’T BEAT YOU AT THIS D: *resists a joke involving Clev*

          Yeah, it’s better. But it’s also a Taylor Swift song. 😛

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