A Mishmash Post of Plot Holes, World-building, and a New Project

So, in my last post, I mentioned that I was rereading my NaNo novel, and taking notes/asking questions, as if I was my own “alpha reader”.  I’m finished with that now, and I can say, it worked as well as I had hoped it would.  Since I took a break from the novel for a month before I did this, I was fairly well distanced from the novel, and I could look at it from the perspective of a reader, of sorts.

That was encouraging.  I was looking for problems to fix, and I certainly found plenty of them.  However, I found more problems with the story, rather than problems with the writing, and that is hugely encouraging, at least for me.  See, I wrote this novel in a single month.  Thirty days.  I did some world building and some character development, but no actual planning, and I had no clue what the plot was until, well, I got there.

So, I expected lots of problems.  Plot holes, and inconsistencies, and flat characters, and things that just don’t make sense, and all things of that sort.  Did I find them?  You bet.  But what I didn’t find were issues with my writing style itself.

I mean, there are issues.  I have more mistyped-words and typos than real words, and there’s plenty of things like info-dumps and blank descriptions and whatnot.  However, the thing is, my writing could be improved, and it wasn’t really good, but it didn’t strike me as being oh-my-goodness-that’s-horrible-how-could-I-ever-have-written-that kind of bad.

Does that even make any sense?  I guess my point is, while the novel had it’s fair share of issues—and then some—I know that all of those issues are ones I can fix, and I know I can get this novel into a readable state.  It’s not like my ’12 NaNo novel, that I don’t think I’ll ever touch again.

So, I’m encouraged.

On a different note, one thing I found through this reading process was that I didn’t have nearly enough world-building.  I hardly knew that world at all when I wrote about it.  So, before I really start editing, I have to fill in that world-building.  (That’s why the little editing bar on the right of the page has been staying consistently low, even while the other two bars go up.)

World-building is, in a word…odd.  I’ve never done much of it in-depth before, not to this extent, and it’s kind of overwhelming.  I realized, though, that the more I got to know about the world, the more I began to really, really love the world, and then the more fun the world-building became.  I now understand why people get world builder’s disease.  Hopefully I won’t end up that far down, though.

Anyway!  On unrelated things… The writing’s been good, as you can probably tell by the lower two word-count bars on the right.  I’ve been able to consistently write every single day, though there was one day where I’m not completely sure I met my 200 word goal.  It might have only been 100 or so, but I think there were other things going on that day and I couldn’t do more than that.  So, I counted it anyway.

Also, for that one novel, the progress is coming along nicely.  I hope I’m about half way through the novel, though since I’m mostly pantsing this one, it’s hard to tell.

Unsurprisingly, with my multi-projects-at-once self, those two novels aren’t my only projects. I recently started another novel, and I’m only about 3k into that one.  I know I probably shouldn’t let myself multitask so much, but I’ve kind of learned that it’s really hard to not do it, so I’m letting myself for now.  I don’t think this new novel will take me very far before I get stuck and will need to sit back and figure out where I’m going, in which case I can step back and go back to solely working on my other projects.  That’s why I’m not bothering to put a bar up for it in the side, even if I am working on it as well.

So…I think that’s it.  This is kind of a mishmash post, isn’t it?  Heh heh, oh well.


17 thoughts on “A Mishmash Post of Plot Holes, World-building, and a New Project

  1. I’m editing my first novel right now, and my editing experience has been quite the opposite of yours. My writing style needs a lot of work, but my plot and my characters are all well developed and there are very little macro changes that need to be made. Micro changes are a different story…

    1. Ah, really? Well, hopefully you will have less editing to do, then. Ish. I know when I get to it, I’ll probably find plenty of micro-editing to do, even if nothing stood out to me this time.

      Anyway, good luck, and thanks for reading!

  2. I think that’s good if you look through you work! I find it hard to bear to read what I wrote… IDK. It’s nice to evaluate yourself, and even if your iffy on some parts, ask trusted friends to read them.
    World building is terribly difficult I’m currently hating/loving it in a strange battle.
    I tagged you for the Candy Book Tag! If you want to participate, see Books and Stuff!

    1. Yeah. I’ll definitely be asking my friends to read it at some point. Just not yet, since I want to get some of those I-know-for-sure-this-isn’t-working parts out of there.

      Yeah, that’s kind of my opinion on it, too. Love-it/hate-it. Heh.

      Ooh, okay, I’ll take a look.

  3. I know! World building seems terrifying- it’s like a part of writing that I dare not venture to far in. World building disease, eh? Hehe, maybe I have it already.

    Writing for me is going in a way horribly, and in another way wonderfully! Ha. I haven’t done any writing since the first week of January, BUT. I think I did need the break. Do you reckon when I read my own story again, I should edit it along the way? Hmmm… That would make sense, right? Instead of reading the whole thing then coming back to it.

    1. Worldbuilding Disease is when you’ve done so much worldbuilding, you can’t stop, and then you spend more time worldbuilding than writing. In fact, you probably don’t even write at all. So…I don’t think you have it. 😛

      Breaks. Yeah, those are sometimes good. So long as you don’t let it last too long.

      Well. You could if you wanted to, yes. It depends on what kind of editing needs to be done and what you want from it. With what I wanted to do, I couldn’t edit as I read, but you might be able to to.

  4. This is a very late comment. Meh.


    I don’t think I’ve ever bothered with world-building. I either make it all up as I go along or just describe where I live. Or I don’t describe anything. 8D


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