Editing and All of the Things Stopping Me from Doing It

First off.  Notice the red bar on the right side of the page.  It’s full.  It’s also not even at 30k.

That’s basically how my writing is going.  I had expected that project to be a novel, but it just wasn’t going to do that.  Not enough story or something, I’m not even sure, but it decided to be novella instead.  When I edit it later on this year, perhaps I’ll figure out how to make it novel-sized…but then again, maybe this story needs to be a smaller size.  I’m not sure yet, but it really doesn’t matter so much, actually.  I’m not disappointed.

Maybe that’s just because I’m excited that I finished another project.  After almost two years of not finishing a single thing, I’ve now finished two decent-sized projects in a little over three months.

Speaking of other finished projects.  I’ve gotten a little bit overwhelmed with all of my world building in my other novel, and I decided…that should probably be enough.  There is one thing I still need to figure out, since it’s somewhat relevant to the story, but I can work it out later.  So for now, I’m going to actually start editing.

Gosh.  At first, staring my 100k novel, I wasn’t even sure how to begin the editing process.  I mean, what should you do first?  I know from reading other writers’ experiences in editing—and from a little common sense—that I need to edit the big stuff before I worry about the little stuff.  How much sense would it make to start correcting my grammar in a scene that might not even stay in the novel?

Yeah.  So.  I figured, I’ll start with my characters.  I have five viewpoints in this novel, and I noticed they were very much out of balance.  One character was the narrator for…twenty-something chapters, while another character had only six chapters in her PoV.  That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, especially since six chapters, in this case anyway, really isn’t much room to work with for her character arc.

So, I decided to start with character arcs.  I started writing outlines for each character, but started struggling with how they weaved together.  The five characters don’t always spend the whole novel all group together, but group up and split apart several times throughout the book.  So each character’s individual story depends a lot on how the other four go, so trying to write an outline for each is…not exactly easy.

Here’s the best part, though.  I realized that I actually can’t really figure out what their character arcs are because not all of them even have goals in the first place.  Hmm.  That’s problematic.

So I guess, I get to work on character development a little bit.  Some day, I’ll actually start editing this thing.  Some day soon, I hope.


25 thoughts on “Editing and All of the Things Stopping Me from Doing It

  1. Can I just say YAAAY to the whole post? Because really, this is pretty awesome. Some stories just don’t want to be dragged out, do they? Maybe Half-Cursed will let you make it longer, maybe not, but it’s about the quality, not the quantity, right? 🙂

    Ooh, character development. Fantastic! Tell me how it goes, okay? I really am, to be entirely honest, feeling lost as to how to edit the huge thing as well. Or rather, completely rewrite it. Gahh. As soon as I start reading it, I just feel so hopeless and helpless about it, even though I really want to make it better.

    1. Yes, exactly. This story might be longer, or it might be shorter, and I figure I’ll let it do whatever ends up being best for it.

      Hehe, alrighty. Don’t feel hopeless, though. That’s partially why I didn’t just read, I made notes. So I felt like I was doing something, and it also gave me a way to do more things later. So I had a place to start. Which happened to be world-building.

        1. It’s easy! All I have to do is find somewhere that the writing is awesome. And that’s easy to find, ’cause it’s everywhere. I’M NOT LYING. IT’S AWESOME.

        2. So so so so so so so…There, seven extra times more true! So it’s seven times five times more true. 😀 ‘Cept not multiplied by “more true”…hmm. O.o

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