NaNoWriMo, Day Three

So, a probably short update.  I finished my editing up on the 31st—right on schedule.  It was perfect.  (I also finished my homework right on schedule, too, and for that I am pleased.)

And now today is November third. How has NaNoWriMo been?

Well.  While, while everyone around me was finishing off their first day with wordcounts of 10k or 16k (I still don’t know how she wrote that much and is still alive), I finished the day with 2k.  I decided not to be jealous of their wordcounts, however, and instead be proud of my 2k.  2k is twice what I intended to write.

This year for NaNo, my goal is to write a thousand words a day.  By the end of the month, I’ll only have thirty thousand, and not the 50k, but I am going to be okay with that.  I don’t need to win officially—my goal, and the thing I need to do to “win” for myself—is to just write and have fun with it.

So how goes the writing for the rest of you? Did you have a good start?


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