NaNoWriMo, Day Five, and Other Things

Day five!  I’m at…somewhere above 6k at the moment.  Since my goal is roughly a thousand words a day, my word count should be the same number as the date.  Since today’s the fifth, that puts me at just slightly ahead.

Clearly I’m not following behind.  How’s the writing actually going, though?

Well, to be honest, not so great.  On Halloween, I figured out more or less a basic idea of where my first chapters would go.  This sequel starts about two months after the last one ended, so I had to figure out what (if anything) had changed for each of the characters in that time, and what state they would be in.  And of course, which ones I wanted to narrate first.

So November first (or maybe it was the second), I started writing chapter one, right at the beginning, and promptly got suck.  I got a little further the next day, but am still pretty much stuck there.  So instead, I’ve just been writing other random scenes that happen later on in the story.  Mostly irrelevant scenes that probably will be immediately disposed of when November is over, but… eh.

So yeah, there’s that.

Meanwhile.  I’ve decided that I will not let myself start draft three of the first book until after I’ve had a beta reader make it all the way through it and give me critique.  One and Only BetaReader Volunteer = Mom.  (And my cousin, but she’s busy with school and stuff, so I’m unsure if she’ll make it through it, heh.)

We decided it would be nicer to edit it printed out, instead of trying to edit it digitally.  So much easier to write in the margins with a scary red pen, right?  (I’m going to ask her nicely to use one of her other pens.  Leave the red pens for grading my siblings’ math, thanks.  Hehe…)

The only problem is that ink is expensive and I have over (or roughly) three hundred pages!  Turns out there are a few office-supplies stores locally who will happily print things out for you.  For a price, obviously, but it seems…to not be too bad?  I’m not totally sure, because they’re mostly there to print out the same business card or the same flyer 300 times, not 300 separate pages only once each.  We figure we’ll just put the story on a USB drive and just go in and ask.

Okay, I have to be honest.  The idea of having my story printed out and being able to hold it in my hands, all typed up and neat, is really making me feel giddy.  Even if it’ll just be a big stack and there won’t even be any binding or anything (unless we make one, which I’m considering, just for the fun of it… I mean, that sounds fun, you have to admit), but still!

And that’s about all, currently.


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, Day Five, and Other Things

  1. Oooh when I finish this year’s NaNovel, I think I’m going to print it out too. SO EXCITING. There’s something about holding your PHYSICAL BOOK. 😛

    And remember – 300 pages is only 150 pages double sided. So I’m sure a printing place can do it for cheap.

    Good luck with the rest of NaNo! …and getting unstuck from that scene… Mine’s going pretty well this year, actually, better than it ever has been. I hope it continues that way haha

    (And if you need another beta reader, I may possibly be available in December. So.)

    1. I KNOW. It’s going to be so awesome.

      That’s awesome. I hope it keeps going awesome for you! I got unstuck, sort of.

      (Oooh. I may take you up on that offer. Thanks!)

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