story: thread of life

This short story sort of kind of killed me a little inside. My heart just sort of tugged painfully.
But it’s so beautifully written.

i n k y c o n s t e l l a t i o n s

I was bored and had a random idea, so here’s a thing! It’s basically about doll-people who are living and have emotions and stuff. I don’t really know. And it doesn’t really have anything to do with mythology, although the title makes it seem like it does. Anyway, here you go!

She reached for the thread coiled in the center of his palm. It was an assortment of different colors, but the first one was white, from the Times Before.

The boy opened his hand a little more, just for her, making the hole that the thread came out of more visible. The girl held the thread gently, then pulled at it, and it stretched out of his palm with ease. At first it looked like a compressed rainbow, every shade squished into another, but when she observed it more closely, the colors were arranged in beautiful and unpredictable…

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