My Writing

I don’t usually post much of my writing, sometimes for privacy reasons and sometimes for silly self-conscious reasons, but I do have some things.  Below are excerpts, short stories, and some of my other projects, and a bit about each of them. They’re listed novels and then short stories, and more or less newest to oldest (because the newer stuff is way better).


Sleeping in Cyberspace (also called Cyberspace when I’m too lazy to say the whole title) is my current WIP.  The gist of it is—Sleeping Beauty fairy tale + heist + sci-fi setting = potential awesomeness that had better live up to how it sounds.  An excerpt of chapter one is here.

Oracular is my most successful project yet.  I wrote the first draft and all of it’s awesomely terrible 100k+ glory in NaNoWriMo 2014, and then spent almost the entirety of 2015 getting through draft two.  Even after finishing draft two, it’s still over 100k, so it’s a big story, but the most simplified summary of it is that an Oracle decides she’s tired of giving prophecies about other people being heroes, so she runs away to try to be a hero herself.
I don’t have any excerpts for this one, but my two Beautiful People posts include characters from this story.

My latest “short story” is Lullaby.  For a New Years Eve writing challenge, I took on the challenge of writing a six word short story.

The short story “Game Over” was written as part of a challenge to write, edit, and publish a story in twenty-four hours or less, starting on New Years Eve 2014.  It’s my first work of sci-fi, about 3k.

The short story “Tears of Waiting” is all-dialogue, inspired by a “here’s the first sentence for a story, now go somewhere with it” kind of prompt.

The Price of Magic” is another short story.  I wrote this one out of boredom, about two sisters, one of whom just accidentally set her house on fire while she was cooking.
(There’s a second version to this story here, but I’m told the first was better.)

Masterpiece” is a random short story I wrote out of boredom from the prompt of “write an 800 word story with the words ‘bird’, ‘masterpiece’, ‘girl’, ‘statue’, ‘brick’, ‘pool’, and ‘bodyguard’.” I plan on building off of this one later, into a larger short story or possibly a novella.  Then again, maybe I’ll never actually do that.

The Cross” was a short story about my experience at Christian summer camp several years ago.

For a creative writing class, I was asked to write a short story.  My first ever short story!  (Before that, the shortest thing I’d written was a novella.  Imagine that.  Actually, I think there might have been one short story.  Maybe.)  The result was “The Clouds“, a flash fiction piece about a girl who wanted to touch the clouds.


Have anything to share?

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