Beautiful People: “A Circle is Round, It Has No End…”

If you have that song stuck in your head now… I profusely apologize.  That song drove me nuts.  Ugh.

So this month for Beautiful People, we have a friendship theme.  (Now do you have the song stuck in your head?)  I’m going to pick out three of my characters that are supposedly good friends with each other.  So…introducing Ereinne, Iaelie, and Datael.

Ahem.  Sit down, all three of you, and—are you arguing?  Stop arguing, this is supposed to be about friendship.  Really?  You’re going to glare at me?

Just sit down already and let me ask the questions.

Ahem.  How long have you known each other, and how close are you?

Iaelie: *mutters* As if you don’t already know this.  *sighs*  I met Datael when we were trying to get through Initiation, and we both met Ereinne about a year later when I was assigned to her.

Ereinne: I think we’re pretty close.  Just…not as close as we used to be.

Datael: To be completely honest, I don’t think we’re really that close anymore.  There’s sort of just this…echo of friendship, and a want to have it back.

Ereinne: And that’s because Iaelie’s pushed us both away. *looks pointedly at Iaelie*

Iaelie: *ignores*

What’s your earliest memory of being best friends?

Ereinne: I think…well, as soon as Iaelie was assigned to me, I met Datael, because those two were practically sewn together at the hip.  But as far back as I can remember, when we were all friends together… maybe that time Iaelie and Datael and I were making up crazy stories to make each other laugh.

Datael: Initiation, definitely.  There was this maze that we were all supposed to get through, and most of the other initiates were trying to do it by themselves, but Iaelie and I decided to work together.  At one point, we were both laughing, and I don’t even remember why we were laughing, but even though we’d only known each other…what, a day?…I really felt like we were friends.

Iaelie: Yeah.

Do you fight? (I don’t even know why I’m asking this question.) How long do you typically fight for?

Ereinne: Iaelie fights with everybody.

Iaelie: I do not!

Ereinne: Yeah you do. I’ll bet you even fight with yourself.

Iaelie: *glares and doesn’t really deny it*

Datael: Lately, we fight every time we see each other. Iaelie and I, I mean.  I say something that’s too nice or something to her, and she gets mad at me for saying something untrue.

Iaelie: That’s an exaggeration, Datael.  I don’t—

Datael: *sigh* You do.

Ereinne: I think Iaelie’s been really grumpy for some reason lately.  She’s been…weird.  We argue a lot lately, too, and sometimes it’s about menial things, and sometimes it’d just me being…too naïve.

Datael: I don’t think Ereinne and I fight much, though.

Ereinne: Not really.

Are your personalities similar or do you complement each other?

Iaelie: We’re pretty different.

Ereinne: Yeah.  I’m fun, and Iaelie’s grumpy, and Datael is—

Iaelie: *elbows her in the ribs*

Ereinne: What? You know you are!

Datael: What am I?

Ereinne: You are very… what’s the word.  You laugh a lot.  Something Iaelie needs to pick up on.

Datael: Yes, that she does…

Iaelie: I laugh plenty.

Datael: No you don’t.  The last time I remember you laughing was… Ereinne, when was the last time she laughed?

Ereinne: I can’t really remember.

Datael: Exactly.  Me neither.  Do you remember the last time you laughed, Iaelie?

Iaelie: *glares*

Who is the leader of your friendship (if anyone)?

Ereinne: Nobody?

Do you have any secrets from each other?

Datael: Not really.  There are things we don’t talk about— *gives Iaelie a pointed look* —but I don’t have any secrets.

Iaelie: Yes.  I can’t tell Ereinne about Guardian things.  Whether I want to or not.

Datael: Yeah, there’s the normal Guardian things, too, I suppose.  But Iaelie knows as much about those as I do, and I guess I’m not that close to Ereinne that they really feel like big secrets.

Ereinne: I—I have my secrets, too.

Iaelie: You’re not allowed to have secrets, Ereinne.  I’m your Guardian.

Ereinne: Oh, don’t pull that on me again—

Datael: Girls, please, let’s put off the arguing until after the interview, okay?

How well do they know each other’s quirks and habits?

Ereinne: Considering Iaelie and I see each other literally every day, I’d say we know the quirks and habits pretty well.

Datael: I used to know Iaelie’s pretty well.  She always pulls her right boot on her feet before she puts the left one on. Always.  I don’t know why.

Iaelie: I do?

Datael: You’ve done that for years.

Ereinne: You know what, now that you mention it, I’m pretty sure you do, Iaelie.

Datael: Yeah.  That said, I don’t know that I know her quirks that well anymore, though I’d like to get to know them.

What kind of things do you like to do together?

Ereinne: You mean, what kinds of things did we used to do together?  *gives Iaelie a look*

Iaelie: Why is everything all of a sudden my fault?  I’m not the only reason that we don’t do any of that stuff anymore!

Ereinne: Then what other reasons are there?

Iaelie: I—

Datael: I hate to say it, Iaelie, but every time we try to make plans, whether it’s all three of us, or just you and me, you always cancel or find a way out of it.  We never do anything anymore.

Iaelie: When it’s you and me, Datael, that’s—that’s different.

Datael: *sighs wistfully*  Yeah, I know, you’ve said that before.

Ereinne: Aaanyway, what we used to do together… well, I’m restricted to the castle, so it’d be pretty boring things.  When we were littler, we’d sometimes tell stories or play make believe or something, but as we grew up, we’d still tell stories, or we’d go hang out in the courtyards in the shade, and stuff like that.

Datael: And when Iaelie actually let me take her out of the castle, and to one of the cities, we’d pretend we were tourists and go do the most fun things we could think of.  One time, we went to the greenhouses and were goggling over this really funny looking horned plant, and I tripped and my face sort of landed on the thorny plant… *coughs* And another time, she decided she wanted to buy herself a dress, and so we spent like two of the longest hours of my entire life trying to find her a dress, and she finally settled on one, and then promptly fell into the river, and…

Iaelie: And I liked that dress.

Datael: Why is it they all ended in disaster?

Describe your fashion style. How are your styles different/similar?

Ereinne: Iaelie and Datael wear the same things—the Guardians’ uniform, of sorts—but Datael makes it look comfortable, and Iaelie makes it look formal.  I just wear dresses.

Datael: Yeah, if you’re a Guardian, there really isn’t much option of fashion.  You wear the uniform if you’re on-duty, and if you’re off-duty…well, unless you leave the castle, you still really just wear the uniform anyway.

Ereinne: I like the dresses that have really big, impractical skirts that look as if you could never fit through a doorway because there’s so many layers and layers and layers of skirt.  I’ve never actually worn one of those dresses, but I’d love it if I could.  Usually what I wear is just a dress with only one or two layers, maybe three, and I love to wear blue or green.  Or yellow.  Or orange.  Or pink.  Actually, pretty much any color.

Iaelie: What Datael said.  The only way you can vary it up is what you do with your hair, basically.  I used to braid my hair on either side of my head, and sometimes I’d put flowers in my hair.

Datael: You looked nice with the flowers.

Iaelie: Datael—

Datael: What?  It’s true.

How would your lives be different without each other?

Ereinne: Well, I’d have a different Guardian, and probably one I would like less and trust less.  I wouldn’t want to imagine a world where Iaelie wasn’t my Guardian—even if she is a huge pain.

Iaelie: …

Datael: Well, mine would be a lot more lonely.  And quiet.  And…maybe less happy.

Ereinne: You mean Iaelie actually still makes you happy with all of her grumpiness?

Iaelie: *glares* I’m not always grumpy.

Datael: *looks at her fondly* Yeah, she does still make me happy.  When she’s not yelling at me.  Also, my nose might not be so crooked if I hadn’t known Iaelie.

Ereinne: Why’s that?

Iaelie: *looks away, blushing*  I broke his nose.

Datael: *grinning* I was flirting with her, and she got fed up with it, so she punched me in the face and broke my nose.

Iaelie: I didn’t really mean to break your nose!  I just wanted you to stop!

Datael: It did get me to stop.

Ereinne: *gasps* Iaelie was the one who broke your nose?  I thought it was from some Guardian training accident or something!

Iaelie: *changes the subject*  If I didn’t have Ereinne and Datael in my life, I’d probably be a lot more peaceful, a lot less grumpy, and also a lot less happy.  *glares at them*  And don’t any of you say I’m not happy, because I can be happy.  I’m just…going through hard times right now, okay?

Datael: That’s okay with me, so long as you eventually get past those hard times.  Also, it would also be nice if you let either of us help you.  We’re here for you, you know, Iaelie.

Iaelie: *sigh*

That was…really long.  Whoa, these ones like to talk, heheh.  But it was fun.  At least for me, anyway.


A Character Interview (Beautiful People)

I love character interactions. Seeing the way this character reacts to this other character—it’s so much fun.  I also love character interviews. It’s fun to ask the characters questions and try to make them give honest answers.

What’s especially fun is character interviews with multiple characters, because I get to ask questions and watch the characters react to each other’s answers.

So this month, I decided to participate in Beautiful People with…five of my characters from my current novel, Oracular.


This months theme is on parents. So, I introduce Ereinne (air-EEN), Iaelie (eye-AY-lee), Tiri (TEAR-ee), Kalvias (KAL-vee-ahs), and Cimizelle (sim-ih-zel).

(Fun fact: Ereinne shouldn’t be part of this interview, because she doesn’t have any parents, but she somehow snuck herself in anyway. Characters.)

So.  Without further ado…

Do you know both your biological parents? Why/why not?

Tiri: Father, yes. My mother died when I was young.

Ereinne: No, because my parents have been dead for centuries, but I have Iaelie and Ennalie. They are my Guardians after all. Even if they’re younger than me.

Iaelie: I’m not your parental guardian, Ereinne.

Ereinne: But you’re still my Guardian!

Iaelie: …I’m basically your bodyguard. You realize that, right?

Ereinne: Whatever. Are you going to answer the question?

Iaelie: Yes, I know my parents.

Kalvias: Yes.

Cimizelle: Uh-huh.

Have you inherited any physical resemblances from your parents?

Ereinne: Considering I’m not related to Iaelie and Ennalie, no. In fact, we probably look as different as we could possibly look.  You know, what with my dark curly hair and Iaelie’s long, straight, blonde hair, and—

Iaelie: *clears throat* I have my father’s height, and some of his face, but my mother’s hair.

Tiri: Some of my father’s figure. I definitely have his hands. I don’t really know what my mother looked like, though.

Cimizelle: Ha, no! Okay, maybe I have my mom’s hair, but I’m so tiny and my blue eyes… they make it hard to see the resemblance.

Kalvias: I see the resemblance, Cim.

Cimizelle: Really?

Kalvias: Absolutely. I’ve never really paid a lot of attention to how much I look like my parents, but I have been told it’s obvious who’s kid I am.  So I guess I do look like them.

What’s your parental figure(s) dress style? Add pictures if you like!

Ereinne: Iaelie doesn’t have much of a choice in clothing, but I doubt she’d dress interestingly if she did. So she just wears what all the Guardians wear.

Iaelie: I haven’t seen my parents in years. I’ve no idea.  I never paid attention to that as a child.

Tiri: Something practical and comfortable. And it was almost always a little bit dusty.

Cimizelle: If it’s fancy and of the latest fashion, they wear it.

Kalvias: Same with my parents.

Do you share any personality traits with your parental figures? And which do you take after most?

Ereinne: Nope! I would know if I was as stiff and boring as Iaelie.

Iaelie: *glares*

Ereinne: What? You know you’re boring. Actually, I think I might have some things in common with Ennalie. She’s definitely not as bouncy as me, but she can be excitable.

Iaelie: I hope I haven’t picked up on any of the family traits. *shudders*

Cimizelle: I hardly know my parents, so I’ve no idea.

Kalvias: I’m pretty sure you get your glare from your mother, Cim.

Cimizelle: *frowns*

Kalvias: I can’t deny I don’t have some of my parents’ knack for being sneaky.

Tiri: I’m a lot like my father. I spent more time around him than around anyone else, though, so it’s not a surprise.

Do you get on with their parental figure(s) or do you clash?

Ereinne: Um. I suppose we mostly get along, but I can’t deny that Iaelie gets on my nerves sometimes.

Iaelie: Same to you, Ereinne. As for my parents… we didn’t get along, but it was usually distanced so there were no clashes, per se. I usually tried to hide into the background.

Tiri: I loved my father. We had our fights, but we got along.

Kalvias: Honestly, I don’t see my parents much. There’s never really an opportunity to fight.

Cimizelle: Hey, you see your parents more than I see mine. Mine come to visit me one every other day or so, and usually not for long.

Kalvias: Cim, usually I only see my parents at dinner, and that’s across the table where I can’t even talk to them. They’re too busy talking political stuff with your parents.

Cimizelle: But that’s every day.

If you had to describe your parental figure(s) in one word, what would it be?

Ereinne: Iaelie, I’d say stiff. Ennalie, I think I’d say young? She’s sweet and everything, but definitely young.

Iaelie: Distant.

Tiri: *eyes pool up with tears* Dead.

Ereinne: *hugs Tiri*

Tiri: *takes really deep breath*  Loving.

Kalvias: Um.

Cimizelle: Royalty.

Kalvias: I don’t think that really answers the question, Cim.

Cimizelle: Sure it does. They are royalty, and it explains why they have no time for me.

Kalvias: I suppose so.  Mine are… busy, I guess?  That really doesn’t explain them, either, but that’s all I really know about them.

How has your parental figure(s) helped you most in their life?

Ereinne: Iaelie and Ennalie protect my life. I’m not sure what from, since I can’t leave the castle, but their job is to look after me.

Iaelie: …they gave birth to me.

Ereinne: They also raised you.

Iaelie: That wasn’t how they helped me.

Tiri: He was there for me, always. And he loved me.

Cimizelle: I fail to see how to answer this question, seeing as how they locked me in a tower!

Kalvias: They gave me an education and then didn’t pay enough attention to me and let me do my own things.

Cimizelle: How is that helping you?

Kalvias: *grins mischievously* I almost never got in trouble.

Cimizelle: *frowns* So no wonder you’re such a huge pain.

Kalvias: *glares* Hey, if they had kept a closer eye on me, you and I would never have met.

Cimizelle: True.

What was your biggest fight with your parental figure(s)?

Ereinne: That would be when I told Iaelie that she needed to work things out with her almost-boyfriend because it’s obvious the two really like each other, but every time he tries to make something happen, she pushes him away!

Iaelie: He’s not—! Ereinne!

Ereinne: He’s not your boyfriend? I know, that’s the point!

Iaelie: *glares*

Tiri: I don’t really remember.

Kalvias: Me neither, honestly.

Cimizelle: One of the times my parents came up to check that nobody was in my tower with me. I know they have reason to suspect someone was visiting me who shouldn’t have been, because Kalvias was sneaking up here, but it’s still annoying.

Iaelie: Biggest fight. I don’t know. I had bigger fights with my older siblings.

Tracing back the family tree, what nationalities are in your ancestry?

Ereinne: Considering I’m an Oracle, I both have no idea, and I’m not sure it really matters…? I mean, especially since, I was born before the war and the Transition and all that.

Iaelie: Keilorian, mostly.

Kalvias: There may have been a tad bit of Akelyan wwwaaaayyyyyy back, but that was before the war.

Cimizelle: I’ve no idea. I’m not sure I even know my grandparents’ names.

Kalvias: That would be Queen Maelira and King Relmir I.

Cimizelle: Right.  Hey, don’t look at me like that.  It’s not my fault my parents wouldn’t even get me a tutor!  *huffs*  Teaching yourself to read is a lot harder than it sounds.

Tiri: Mostly Keilorian, but there’s a little Inizaelan, too.

What’s your favourite memory with your parental figure(s)?

Tiri: *takes a deep breath*  The first time he showed me how to shape clay. I still have that…blob. I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to be anymore, but it’s definitely not functional.

Ereinne: Um, let me think. *feigns deep thought*

Iaelie: *glares at Ereinne* The time my mother brought me to buy a new dress for me to wear to Initiation. I still wish I hadn’t worn a dress to that, but the afternoon we bought it was fun, and I enjoyed the time with my mother where there were no other siblings around.

Cimizelle: One of my birthdays. My eleventh? My parents got me a dozen books, which is more than they’d ever gotten me, and I was so happy.

Kalvias: Nothing comes to mind, honestly. Maybe right after my baby sister was born, and we were all together as a happy family.

Cimizelle: You had a baby sister?

Kalvias: Yeah. She died before she was a year old, though.

Cimizelle: Awww, Kalvias… why did you never tell me that?

Kalvias: It’s a painful memory.

Ereinne: Aha! I got it! So, about six months after Iaelie was assigned to me. She was eleven years old, and so she looked the same age as me, even if I was actually six hundred seven. Anyway, Iaelie invited her best friend Datael over to my room, and the three of us played make-believe. Of course, we were breaking the rules, because as Guardians, both Iaelie and Datael weren’t supposed to play silly games like that with their Oracles, but we had so much fun and Iaelie was so happy.

Iaelie: I kind of remember that… we were in trouble for the next month after that.

That was fun, and way more civilized than I expected.  I actually learned a few things, too, that I didn’t know.  Kalvias, I’m pretty sure I have a right to know that you had a baby sister.

Character profile/interview—Andris

Second-to-last interview before we start the mini-Nano!

Author Profile:

Name: Andris
Age: Twenty-three
Appearance: Short golden-brown hair. Icy blue eyes. 5’11” Wears fancy, royal clothing.
Occupation: Crown prince
Role in story: Main character, possible narrator


Ann sat down in her chair, now feeling quite familiar with this. Unlike with Shinna, Andris was right on time and sat smiling in his chair across from Ann.  His smile was a slightly crooked one, which was slightly familiar to Ann.

She straightened the stack of papers in her lap and cleared her throat.  “Well,” she said.  “This is a bit…different from how Renni and Shinna began this?”

“I can imagine,” Andris said.  “Renni was probably shy, and Shinna was probably late and very….talkative.”

“Yes.”  Ann looked down at her sheet and cleared her throat again.  She was suddenly nervous—even though she hadn’t been with the previous two interviews.

“So—” Andris smiled “—what questions do we have first?”

That’s when Ann realized what it was.  “You remind me of your son,” she said.

Andris faltered.  “Son?”

Ann managed a smile.  “Oh, yes.  This is a prequel, remember?  Your son is my absolute favorite character to write.”


“Never mind.  Let’s get on with this interview.”  She cleared her throat again.  “You will play an important character in the story, and there’s a chance you may even help narrate.  Would you want to narrate?”

He hesitated.  “I’m…not sure.  The story is mostly about Renni.”

“You are important, too, being the prince.  And if the decision was left entirely up to you, which would you choose?”

“I—” he hesitated again.  “I honestly don’t know.  I don’t even know how important I am to the story.”  He shook his head.  “I don’t think I can really answer that.”

“Alright, next question then.  How do you feel about Renni and Shinna?”

“Well, since Shinna is my wife, I think that answer should be easy.”

“Not necessarily.  Not everyone subject to an arranged marriage is particularly happy.”

“I am.  And since Shinna likes Renni, I suppose I do, too.  I don’t really know the girl very well.”

Ann smiled secretively.  “You will,” she said.  “You definitely will.”  Before he could ask what she meant, however, she continued, “I’m assuming you won’t, but do you have any opinion on the current title, Lacing up the Dress?”

“Not particularly, no,” Andris admitted.

“So I thought.”  Ann stood up, smiling.  “This has been a wonderful interview, Andris.  Thank you for your cooperation.”

Character interview/profile—Shinna

Next interview! After how well Renni’s went, I’m sure something’ll go wrong this time, but let’s cross our fingers.

Author Profile:

Name: Shallina, known as Shinna by those she trusts.
Age: Twenty-one
Appearance: Dark brown hair, naturally straight, but styled into little ringlets. Brilliant black eyes. Pale skin. 5’4 1/2″ Wears fancy, royal clothing.
Occupation: Princess, betrothed to the crown prince.
Role in story: Supporting character, possible foil character.


Ann adjusted in her seat, glancing at the clock on the wall. The interview was supposed to start about ten minutes ago, and there was no sign of Shallina. She shifted again, waiting. Perhaps the girl was just late—Ann herself wasn’t always on time.

Moments later, the door was thrown open and a girl stumbled in, out of breath and hair ruffled. “Sorry, I’m so sorry,” she gasped, smiling sheepishly and sitting down in the chair across from Ann. “I’m so very sorry,” she repeated. “We lost track of time, and then I got lost on the way here.”

Ann raised her eyebrows. “We? May I ask where you’ve been?”

Shinna’s cheeks colored. “I was, uh, talking with Andris.”

“Ah, the prince.” Ann smiled. “Now that you’re here, though, let’s get this done and over with, so you can go back to your prince.”

Shinna’s blush deepened, but she cleared her throat. “Yes.”

Ann looked down at her sheet of questions. “From the notes that I have, you are merely going to be a side, supporting character. What do you think of this? Would you want a bigger or smaller role, and why?”

Shinna smiled. “Oh, the role is perfectly fine with me. The important part is that I’m in the story. But I am a very lovable person, and I’m sure you will end up giving me a bigger role.”

“Are you sure about that?”


“Interesting. Well, onto the next question. What do you think of the other characters? I think I can guess how you feel about the prince, but what about your maid, Renni? Are there any other important or semi-important characters—whether they’re present, or only important in your memories?”

“Renni is a sweet girl. A little shy, but she makes a good maid. Aside from that, I have no opinions yet, as the story hasn’t quite started. Any others…again, I’m not sure I can say much, without having the story started.”

“True,” Ann admitted, and moved onto the next question. “Currently, the novel is going by the title, Lacing up the Dress. What do you think of this title?”

Shinna pursed her lips. “I think, considering the story and all, it could fit. But it really depends on what happens in the story.” She glanced up at the clock on the wall, and jumped to her feet. “Oh! I have to go!” She smiled at Ann. “This was wonderful, but I really must be going.”

Character profile/interview—Renni

So, before we start the mini-Nano, let’s get to know our characters a little, shall we? Let’s start with our most important character, Renni.

Author Profile: ((Like a police profile, but for authors, instead of police.))

Name: Renni
Age: Eighteen or so.
Appearance: Curly dark brown hair. Bright green eyes. Freckles. 5’3″ Wears a maid’s outfit.
Occupation: Maid for the princess, Shinna.
Role in story: Protagonist, narrator

Interview: ((Where we get a sneak peak into who this “Renni” person is.))

Ann pulls a chair out for the shy-looking girl standing in the doorway. “It’s Renni, right?” she asked, sitting down in her own chair. “Do sit down, please.”

The girl nodded and sat down, putting her hands in her lap, very formal and quiet.

Ann smiled. “Shy?” she asked. “Don’t worry, I know how that feels. But I won’t bite you, I promise. I merely want to ask you a few questions.”

Renni nodded again, this time managing an ever-so-slight smile and meeting Ann’s eyes.

“Great!” Ann said. “Let’s get this done and over with, shall we?” She looked down at the list of questions she held in her hand and cleared her throat. “I understand you will be the narrator?”

“Yes,” Renni spoke for the first time. “It will be in the first person, from my point of view.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Ann said. “Will anyone else be telling the story with you, or will it be just you?”

Renni paused, thoughtfully. “There’s a chance that the prince may also help tell the story, but chances are it will be just me.”

“Ah. What’s your opinion on this? Do you think it would be better if the prince helped, or would you prefer to tell it yourself?”

“I have no opinion on this. The author should pick what she thinks best for the story.”

Ann laughed. “Nice answer. Alright, next question. What do you think of the other characters? Such as the prince and the princess? Is there anyone else who will be important, or semi-important in the story—whether they’re present, or only important in your memories?”

“You’ll have to wait and find out when you write the story.”

This pulled another laugh from Ann. “True, true.” She looked down at the next question on the list. “The novel is currently going by the title Lacing up the Dress. Do you think this fits? If not, what would you change it to, and why?”

“I think it fits,” Renni said. “That’s one of the things I do for the princess, is help her lace up her dresses.”

“Is that what the title refers to? Being a maid for the princess?”

She was silent for a moment, thinking about her answer. “Maybe,” she said at last. “I think there might be a little more to it, especially considering how you’ve named your other novels. Life Bound, is it? What’s the meaning behind that name?”

Ann clucked her tongue. “Life Bound is about an entirely different story and set of characters, even if it is in the same world. But it does not concern you—not until later in the series.”

“Oh?” Renni asked, very obviously curious.

Ann laughed and turned the girl’s answer back on her. “You’ll have to wait and find out until I write the story.” She stood up. “Now, I think this interview is over. Thank you, miss Renni, for participating and allowing me to ask you a few questions.”


Now, I think that turned out quite well. Much better than my last interview, eh?

Another one! (Not an award)

So, I am in dire need to write more posts, and more often. And I found the perfect solution!

I am part of another mini-NaNo. I know, I know, another one? But I am really getting tired of editing, and I miss the freedom of free-writing (must be why they call it that….) So, it hits two birds with one stone! I get to post about it, and I get to avoid editing for another month.

And guess what? Jordan/Little Diva is joining me! So far there are, four, I believe, of us doing this. February 28th—April 1st. Sounds great, eh?

This time, I’m going to do something a little different than I did last time. After all, last time I switched half way through from writing to editing because my story couldn’t keep me interested. This time, I’m going to borrow a few ideas from Jordan (I just love borrowing things from you, don’t I?) such as do character interviews and stuff to keep my characters interesting and get ideas. And, it keeps me posting!

So the world didn’t end!

So, now that we’ve confirmed that the world won’t end, let’s see what our contestants, Damian, Ava, and Jacob think now.

Jacob: What does the title even mean? ‘The un-end of the world’? That doesn’t even make any sense!

Me: It’s a title. It doesn’t need to make sense. And I didn’t ask your opinion on it anyway. Now will you please sit down so we can get this done and over with? Thank you. First, it seems the world hasn’t ended after all.

Jacob: Obviously.

Me: *ignores him* Why do you think this is?

Jacob: Again, that’s obvious. We can’t predict the future, especially based off of something as silly as a calendar ending.

Ava: I already told you it wasn’t going to end, anyway.

Me: *sighs* Right. *clears throat* What happens now? The planet is still spinning and the sun is still shining. People are still living. So, does life continue on as normal?

Damian: There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. The end of the world thing was not real, it was just people being silly. Nothing really changes.

Jacob: So, now that we’ve answered that question. Can we go home now? You’ve interviewed us twice now.

Me: *mutters* Actually, I’ve interviewed you twice now.

Jacob: What’s that? I can’t hear you!

Me: Fine, go away!

Yep, so apparently I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. But at least now we know the world isn’t over!

The end of the world! interviews

Someone I know on NaNoWriMo, Avonleawriter, gave a really neat idea—to interview some book characters on their opinions on the end of the world (if anyone wants to participate, check out this). I’ve decided to do that. Why? Why not? I’m bored, and it sounded like fun anyway. For this, I will use the three characters from the book I’m writing, Damian, Ava, and Jacob.

Me: So, supposedly, the world will end tomorrow. What are your thoughts on this?

Damian: Um… do you mean, do we think it will end?

Me: Sure.

Ava: The world won’t end. That kind of thing only happens in books.

Damian: Something like that.

Jacob: I have to agree with Ava on this. I doubt it will happen.

Me: What if it does? Would you want it to?

Jacob: Want the world to end? Sure, it’ll solve all of our political problems.

Me: *facepalm* Let’s pretend I didn’t ask that last question. What if the world does end?

Jacob: Depends on whether it ends or it ends the way we know it. Because the latter could mean everything just changes a lot. The former, however, would mean we’d all be dead.

Me: Can somebody besides Jacob answer that question?

Jacob: *grins*

Damian: *scratches his head* As much as I don’t want to admit it, Jacob does have a point. If it ends, it ends. I don’t particularly want it to end, though. I have some mistakes in my life that I need to make up for.

Ava: I’m not too fond of the idea, either. You know, I really wanted to go to college…

Me: *rests head in hands* You know what, I think that’s enough for right now. It would take the world to end just to get you to answer a question without… well, without being yourselves.

Jacob: Oh, hold on a moment. I have a question for you now, mysterious interview person. How come there’s nothing saying how the world will end? This whole thing started because the Mayan’s got lazy and didn’t want to make the calendar past the 21st. So does that mean time is going to stop moving? Like, ‘Oh no—I think the clock is broken! It’s not moving!’ kind of thing?

Me: I’m not going to even try to answer that.

Yeah, so maybe an interview wasn’t the brightest idea…