And NaNoWriMo Approaches Again!

NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching!  Aaaaaaaahh!

As I write this, I still have about five more chapters left of last year’s novel to edit.  Five chapters.  Sounds like a lot and like nothing at all at the same time.  Considering I have school and only about two weeks to edit it, on my end, it feels more like a lot to do.

But…whether or not I complete it before NaNoWriMo starts, I am still going to try for NaNo this year.  This year is probably going to be the hardest one of all.  Again, because of school.  Ugh, when did school decide to become such a huge pain?  How does the rest of the world deal with it?

Hmm, they probably don’t do lots of school and NaNoWriMo and have a family life and draw and have all of the other random hobbies I have.

Anywho, I have absolutely no plan for NaNoWriMo this year or how I’m going to win.  The only thing I know for sure is that I’m sticking with 50k this year, and not going for 100k like I did last year.  I’m going to write the sequel to last year’s novel, even though said novel…still has five chapters left before I’m done with draft two, and I should probably be spending time editing that more instead, but I know nothing about the plot of book two and I’d really like to know where the plot is going.  So I’m writing that.  As I said, I know nothing of the plot.  I have a…vague idea of the beginning, a possible vague idea for a couple character arcs, and then an idea for a random scene that’ll be somewhere in the middle.

That’s about what I had when I wrote the first book, so I’m really not worried.

I do not have any sort of plan on how I’m going to manage school and NaNo, though.  Probably, I’ll just do what I’ve been sort of doing up until now—which is procrastinate from both school and writing and find other things to do.  Oooh, idea for a drawing!  Let’s draw that!


So anybody else doing NaNoWriMo?  If you’re still in school, how do you balance between the two (or do you at all)?




Day Two, With a Dash of Laziness

I have had a bad case of procrastinating today. Instead of sitting down to write, I’ve been finding other things to do, like writing this post, or doing some of that biology I’m behind in, or drawing various things.

And I think I know what the cause of this is, too. Laziness. See, I wrote over four thousand words yesterday, when my daily goal is just over a thousand. In other words, I wrote three times what I needed to!

So, my thinking goes, I really don’t need to write anything today at all. And yet, I do need to write today. After all, if I don’t, I’ll only get behind later on. The key to competing NaNoWriMo (and Camp NaNo), in my opinion, is to write every single day! Not extra one day, and then skip the next day. Every. Single. Day. Whether you get three thousand in one day, and then six hundred the next, and then thirteen hundred the next—the key is to do it every day.

Which is exactly why I’m writing this post instead of writing more than that three-hundred-something words I’ve done today. Great logic, eh? Perhaps I should correct that….