So-So Productivity and Scrivener

Well what do you know.  I abandoned my blog again.  Unlike last time, I have a more legitimate excuse—I’ve been dealing with both lots of family drama and also trying to fill out my high-school transcripts.  Talk about stressful.

Anyhow.  Doing Camp didn’t quite work how I intended it to.  Meaning, I’m not doing as planned, but once again am stretched out between four projects.  Again.  I also haven’t kept track of any form of “word-count” at all, which means according to the Camp website, I have written a whopping zero words.  I’m not terribly worried, though, because I really have done more brainstorming and outlining than actual writing—and it’s kind of hard to convert that into a word-count.

Besides.  I didn’t want to do Camp to write a novel.  I just wanted to use it to motivate me to do something.  That something might be a lot of weird things and with absolutely no concentration on one project, but it’s still something, isn’t it?

I’m going to blame part of my not-as-productive-as-I’d-like-t0-be-ness on Scrivener.  I got the program for Christmas last year, and it is an awesome writing program.  Never before have I been able to organize and sort my writing and notes and everything so well, and I’ve started to have trouble working in anything else.  Which means, whenever I have to let one of my siblings have a turn on the computer, suddenly the program I use on my tablet, Pages, which I’ve used for years, seems very incompetent and I’m struggling to write anything in it.

Gah.  Even notebooks seem pathetic now.

Okay, that’s enough ranting.  I’m curious, though, what writing programs does everybody else use?  I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t use Word. (Granted, I can’t use Word, since I have a Mac, but still.  I could use the Mac equivalent, Text Edit, except the very idea gives me the shudders.)



Pre-Camp NaNo Writing?

Well.  Camp starts in…four days?  Something like that.  I’m too tired do any math right now.  Anyhow, it’s going pretty much how my previous two attempts at camp have worked out.  And that means, I couldn’t wait for the first; I started working now.  Now actually meaning Tuesday.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to be a rebel.  I’m trying to finish the rewrite of my WIP from last Camp, and I’m going to try to write about 10 – 15k.  But I’m also, on top of that, trying to squeeze a little editing in and some more in-depth character development.  (It’s all for the same project, though, in case you’re wondering.  Yeah, I’m all over the place.)  So, Tuesday night I screwed around with some Scrivener templates, then finished editing the second chapter of my WIP, and today, I finished the first half of chapter three.  I’m thinking if I keep going at a decent pace, I’ll actually be finished with the editing by April 1st, and I can start writing chapter five.

Okay.  Now I’m wondering about the question, too.  Why am I editing when I haven’t even written chapter five yet?  Well…it was bugging me.  I realized that I had a bit of a plot hole; two events that were supposed to be happening simultaneously were at two completely different times of day.  One was in the morning, one was at twilight.  Right.  I’m pretty sure both were supposed to be happening in the same part of the same country, so it’s not as if one was on the other side of the planet.  That, and chapter three had waaayyy too much unnecessary dialogue and that annoyed me.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t the brightest thing to do, but I feel a lot better for having fixed some of that stuff.

So, all in all, I’m feeling pretty good about my writing and about Camp now.  The trick will be to actually stick with the project all the way through the month, and not jump to something else after the first two weeks, like what seems to be my habit.

Now I’m curious.  Does anybody else do that with their writing?  I can never stick fully to a project, without any distractions, for any longer than a few weeks.